Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Schools Out - Teacher Let the Monkeys OUT!

Going to McDonald's is something we do often. 

Going INSIDE to eat is something we rarely do, but since today was their last day of school and they were being so good, I thought why not?  They were thrilled!

You just never know what kind of poses you're gonna get when you point the camera at them and tell them to SAY CHEESE!  The one below is my favorite. I asked them to get cheek to cheek... but they didn't want to touch faces so they put their hands up to separate their cheeks. :P

It's hard to belive that they are already 4.5 years old!
I'm so thankful that we decided to have our children close together in age.  They all three get along so well and are each others best friends.  I hope and pray we can continue to help foster those relationships. ;)

Oh and you want to know another thing that got them so excited??  ALVIN and THE CHIPMUNKS were the toys inside the Happy Meals!  Oh yeah BABY!  I have a feeling we will be taking the kids to see the latest movie that is in theaters soon!  

But I didn't tell them that - I'll wait until after Christmas to tell them. :)


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