Thursday, December 1, 2011

A few Christmas Wishes

I was just over at eBay looking for a few things for Christmas... and before I exited the page I couldn't help but pull up a search for Bingo Fabric.  There are several over there but this one is my favorite.   Just the bingo cards, and the ball holder and number balls.

I don't want poker chips or the cartoon Betty Booby girl on my quilt.

I'd love to show you the quilt I'm talking about - but after searching and searching from the tagged links of past posts it seems I'm not very organized :(  I know I've blogged about the quilt before and even the bingo fabric...

Anyway - you can see it if you scroll to the top - the siggy quilt I'd like to pair up this bingo fabric with is the quilt shown in my blog header - hanging over the fence with Nora standing behind it... oh say.... some 3 or 4 years ago! aaak!

And the quilt is only 6X6 blocks big and I want it to be bigger ---thinking 7X9 setting of 9" finished blocks plus borders...  so I need to figure out 27 more friends from the HGTV message board to share some siggys with me.  And that is why I want the bingo fabric for my backing b/c on the boards, I'm known as "bingo~bonnie" ;)

I so wish my EQ7 was working correctly so I could play with the border sizes to go with a 7x9 block setting - so that I could then figure out just how many yards I need to tell the ebay lady that I'd like to purchase....

However, now that I have found the fabric on ebay and the seller is willing to sell it larger than a half yard cut ---- I'm not too sure I can *CONVINCE* Santa that I need it. But Christmas presents are also about what we *want* too right??? and I do one day *want* this to be my backing... and it's getting so hard to find this fabric....  sure there are many checkbook covers made up with it, and tote bags and tissue holders.... but those are not what I want - or need...

Oh I guess I'll try to figure out when the time is right and bring it up and see what kind of reaction I get from my guy who has a direct line to Santa...

other items on my wish list are:
Bernina Patchwork Seam Guide
This seam guide that I've called about - is either discontinued or they've changed the parts numbers.. no idea how much it will cost from Bernina.... but I'm on the search.

Also Bonnie Hunter recently shared this little gadget with us following her cruise trip. It's called an E-Z Trimmer and may very well be the ONLY thing that Santa is able to find and purchase.

And as you may have heard - Quiltmaker's 3rd 100 Blocks Issue will soon be out!!!  I've been lucky to win a copy the past 2 years.  That is one thing that I love about the magazine - is they also have a huge blog hop and each of the 100 people are given extra issues to giveaway.  Only this year I didn't win a copy... so I will have to help Santa search for this on the store magazine racks..... so he'll have it to put in my stocking.

Something else that I've been wishing for is an acrylic insert for my Arrow Sewing Cabinet that I won earlier this year from being a facebook fan of theirs.  I had no idea that it was even offered until I saw it in a magazine ad photo.  I asked about them on their fb page and they replied that it takes up to 3 weeks after you order b/c they are custom made.  I forwarded the information on to the hubby in an email so he could let Santa know.  I'm betting dh is still yet to even open/read that email from me. :/

awlll... I miss my old sewing room that I had in our Texas home...   I remember when I painted that wall green, David hadn't found out any news yet of his interview in KY and I thought, I'm gonna go ahead with painting and putting the cabinet together... b/c if I do then he'll get the job and we'll be moving and if I wait for in case we move... he won't get the job.  I was right. :P

and while I'm at it - I guess I'll shoot for the moon and ask Santa to bring me a new cell phone.  Sprint now has the iphone!!!  and although I know nothing about them, everyone I know has one and loves theirs so somehow that makes me think I need one too.  My current cell phone makes calls but is one of the oldest Blackberry models out there and is slow.  What makes me really want an iphone over the new 4G phones is that I want to be able to copy all of my music CDs onto itunes and be able to listen to all of it anytime I want... so that then I can get rid of my 300+ CD collection!  Donate to the Goodwill I suppose.  Does anyone even buy CD's anymore?? Secondhand?

Oh well - enough dreaming and wishing for now.  Gotta get back to my loads of laundry and do a switch over and make up the kids beds with new sheets :) and good smelling quilts!

Edited to add - oh one more thing!  I'm helping out with Nora's Brownie troop this year and did you know that this is the 100th Birthday for Girl Scouts??  :)  This is one of the special patches that I've had my eye on.  The hardest part is ordering it b/c each time I check the website, it's out of stock.

100th Anniversary Commemorative Oval Patch
Of course if Santa found one and bought it - I'd also like to have a green jacket from LL Bean to sew the patch onto the back of and wear to all of our outings...  Cookie Sale time will be here before we know it and I'm sure that this year we will be participating in a booth - you know infront of walmart or Home Depot...  "Would you like to buy some Girl Scout Cookies?" :)  I even have some plans for a cookie boot at the end of our own driveway!  I'll save that for another post.

Love from Indiana!


  1. Hey Bonnie! You could get 60 more blocks for your quilt by joining the 2012 siggy swap. ;-)) I miss our email chats. What is wrong with your EQ7? Have a happy day!

  2. I'd be glad to send you a block. I didn't participate in the swap you were in, just doing my first siggy swap in the 2012 swap. Let me know what you need and how to get it to you. elsie123

  3. A Christmas wish list..that's what I need to prepare, but at the top of the list isn't anything at all quilty...I need a complete kitchen makeover!! Looking at the photo with your sewing table, against the lime green walls (sewing table would be on my list) I see a feathered star wallhanging...looks to be from the same pattern of one I have yet to finish, but posted about yesterday on my blog. Yours is very nice!


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