Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Are you a Fabricologist??

I saw this posted on a friends' facebook and had to laugh.... sadly I may have spent as much or more on becoming a "Fabricologist" over the years as I did on getting my Bachelor's Degree. EEEk!  Shhh! Don't tell hubby I said that though!

I will say that I'm not as bad as I once was... the year we moved to Texas and Nora was only 1 year old, I use to load her up once a week to drive out of town to go to Hancocks.  About a year later they bankrupted and closed down... not b/c I didn't do my best to support them though!  Since then I don't shop for stash fabrics any longer. Just for projects that I'm working on.

What about you?  Are you familiar with JudyL's weekly fabric reports?? I've read them in the past and followed along but never participated. Not that I'm considering it now, b/c while we are in this rental home I really don't feel like a real quilter b/c my sewing room isn't all set up like I want it.  But perhaps after we find a home to buy and I do get set up, then I'll jump in.

Hope all of you are enjoying the new year!  I think it's gonna be a busy one for our family as we look to buy a home this year.

Love from Indiana!

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