Friday, January 20, 2012

Thank you Lisa!!

For the past two weeks, going to the mailbox has been lots of fun... only I'm not allowed to check it!  Nora's 100th day of school is tomorrow, Tuesday 1/24/12 and she and I put out a request on facebook for my firends to help her collect 100 postcards b/c she has to take 100 somethings to school for 100th Day.

Well guess what my friend Lisa-TX did... she and her daughters not only sent Nora postcards from Texas but Lisa also mailed me a belated Christmas card of her precious family but also made a one of a kind, just for ME, BINGO fabric zipper bag!!  :)

Thanks so much Lisa!!  :)  I love it! I LOVE it! I la,la,LOVE it!  :)

Love from Indiana!


  1. What fun! You really made someone else's mailbox run a GREAT, BIG fun experience too! ;)

  2. What a cute little bag! Quilters are the nicest people. Did you daughter reach 100 post cards?

  3. Bongo Bonnie,
    My friend Sylvia and I have wondered what happened to you. So glad to find you here. I lovedd talking to you at the Golden Triangle Quilt Guild meetings here in Beaumont. You are so positive and just what our night group needed. Just letting you know you are missed.
    Sherry Walker in Nederland, Tx


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