Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tic-Tac-Toe Anyone!

This project has been "in progress" for too long, so yesterday I decided it was time to Get 'Er Done!  All I had left to do was quilt and bind the game board.
Please try not to laugh when you look at this.... I'm a beginner free motion machine quilter. Here's the finished Game Board.  
Droppin the feed dogs for the first time, can be intimidating.... also if you don't drop 'em again for 2+ years... it's just like the first time all over again! I'm hoping that I can make several of these sets as Birthday gifts for Nora's classmates... and in the process, I'll get some much needed practice and improve some!
I had left plenty of the backing so that I could use a new finishing technique.  After I was done trimming all the batting I cut the backing to 1.5 larger than my square.
Have you ever heard of this tool?? The Quick Easy Mitered ~ Binding Tool.  It is so simple to use!  When I saw the youtube demonstration, I just knew it would be so handy to have and so I immediately ordered it!
I've used it to bind several small quilts and I love it!!  Wish I'd had this template thingy years ago!  

Besides the fact that this Tic-Tac-Toe Game project was made using recycled jeans and cost ZERO money to make.... and was pretty easy to do... and that Nora and I had a lot of fun working on it together........ Wanna know what my favorite part about these are??

That, they are made from a light denim shirt that was my Daddy's and the dark denim comes from a very old pair of coveralls that he wore to the barn to go feed the cows when I was about the same age as Nora..... :) 

While working on this project I could actually smell my Daddy ♥

and because this is our forcast, I'm 100% sure that Nora's class will be having an INDOOR recess tomorrow so the game set is in her backpack to go with her tomorrow to school :) 

....and moving on to the next project. Set these Star Blocks into ROWS and then into a TOP! 

Jo's Country Junction, I have not forgotten about your Hand Me Down quilt project and that once upon a time I pledged to mail you a block to go into your quilt... b/c we had started these around the same time. Hope you don't have yours all set together quite yet. I have the perfect block set aside for you. It has ORANGE in it - so you'll know it was "made in Orange, TX" before we moved to IN. :)

Love from Indiana!

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  1. Thanks Bonnie! I appreciate you taking time to comment on my bom. I told Steve, my DH, that by george I may just become a quilter. :) I always read your blog when you post, I feel like I am visiting an old friend.


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