Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Birthday Box was Busted!

Well today is Wednesday... meaning the twins go to preschool today so I can run errands (((ALONE))) :) yeaaa!  Places to visit, post office, Target, Best Buy, the UPS Store...  but first I had to load a big box into the van.  
Here in the rental home not everything fit inside the house, so we are using 1/2 of the 2 car garage to store a dresser, a nightstand, a rocker glider and the top bookshelf part to a custom built oak cabinet for my sewing room... which doesn't leave much room for the kids toys and bikes.  See this mess?  It has to be stored this way so I can park the van on my half and get the door down. urgh.
That big red & white box in the back was the one I needed... so that meant having to move the wheel barrel holding the bikes.... strain.... tug.... push.... ;)  I'm thankful nothing fragile is inside, b/c the box was not in very good shape at all.  Bursting at the seams - really!
But never fear - I managed to get it into my van and off to the UPS store. 
However they wouldn't ship it in this box.  I asked if they could just tape it up really well and the answer was "no." :(  So there went another $11 bucks for a new box. That's a shame b/c I wanted the Birthday Girl to think she was getting a "Radio Flyer Racetrack" to help her enjoy her ride "OVER THE HILL" lol :cD

Anyone want to take a wild guess at how many pounds the box stuffed full of shirtings weighed?????  

Love from Indiana!


  1. I am going to say 40 lbs of shirts.
    I am wondering if this is heading to Our Bonnie Hunter?????
    Glad you made thought the tornado scare.
    XOXOX Subee

  2. Oh goodness~ what a fun b-day surprise that will be! :-)

  3. She will LOVE it! As far as the weight... 50 lbs.?


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