Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Alert, Alert, Alert = Blog-give-away heads up ;)

wow can you imagine I found one before it even started? actually two! - no make that THREE!!!

so take a look and bookmark them to make sure you revisit to find out when they start and what you can win.

Dana over at Old Red Barn Co. is actually giving away THREE Quilts! You have to make a youTube video to enter. Doubt I'll ever figure out that one... but maybe? I'm not very creative...

and Susan over at The Reluctant Quilter is having a bloganniversary - and says she'll post details tomorrow.

OH, and there's another - Connie over at Cootie Bug mentioned last Wednesday, that she's thinking of hosting a blog-give-away soon... I just checked and no details yet -so keep watching!

wow, look at that THREE blog-give-away ALERTS! and all three BEFORE they've been officially posted!! What's up with that? Must be a blue moon! b/c I'm usually clicking to read their blogs after the fact. LOL

so do you know of any blog-give-aways coming up? or still available to enter? If so please share!!! :)

Love from Texas!


  1. http://debiquilts.blogspot.com/2008/08/200th-post-giveaway.html

  2. Hi, Bonnie!

    Thanks so much for your kind words about my "Stars Fell..." quilt and coming by the blog! What cute kiddos you have! And what great quilts you have done! I'll be bookmarking you, also.

    Thanks again!

    Beth @ the jury is still out
    P.S. I'm a "transplanted" Kentuckian. Born in Florida, spent 25 years in Tennessee and now 4 here in the Bluegrass of Lexington!

  3. Bonnie, Thanks for mentioning my giveaway on your blog. The drawing will be sometime this week but I haven't decided exactly when.


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