Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where's Bonnie? What has she been doing?

Anyone looking for me??? I doubt anyone even drops by anymore b/c I've become so, let's say.... quiet on here...

Group A
Maybe it appears to anyone who has stopped by that I got a new laptop then dropped off the face of the earth... well no not exactly. I have been more dedicated in keeping our family blog "Minorhappenings" updated for my family in KY to read... (my 74 year old dad just got a computer) and Dad calls often asking when I'm gonna post photos again :)

Group B

...but since I've not had anything quilty to talk about, I haven't made any new posts over here. Well, I've had one quilty thing I guess you could say -my Quarterly Mini 9 Patch Swap that I host over at the HGTV Quilter's message board. (these photos are from the past red/orange groups)

Group C

Thankfully all of my 30+ swappers are all very patient with me. :) July was such a busy month for us here - vacation to KY, Paul Thomas' surgery and then Vacation Bible School week... so I didn't get everything finally swapped and returned until this month.... and that was only possible thanks to my twice a week "helper" I have. Diane, 13 years old, is our Deacon's daughter and she's been coming on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week to watch/play/help with the kids. Now that Paul Thomas is climbing ALL the time, I just can't get anything done during the day.

Group D

After 3190 red and orange blocks to swap and return.... I'm so glad to be cleared out as of last week! Now I can try and get out my sewing machine and put it back on the dining room table... I gotta get busy on my mini greens for the next round! And maybe I will find my Star Struck Lotto Blocks and bring downstairs to have near by and kid of use them as Leader/Enders and work on both at the same time? We'll see...

Group E

As summer draws to an end, I won't be so excited when school starts back. Very excited for Nora who started this week (read that post here) however NOT excited about public school stating the 25th b/c... I've had a helper (13 year old Deacon's daughter) the last couple of weeks here helping me with the babies on Tuesdays & Thursdays. On the days she's here, it is so helpful to run errands in town and she stays in the van while I run into the Post Office, CVS, and other places... It will be hard to let her go back to school the 25th of this month!

Group F

and what you've been looking at while reading, if you are reading... is pics of the red and orange minis that I ended up with after swapping. I made some sets to be swapped and several of the swappers gave me a few of their leftovers (((my favorite hostess gift))) Leftovers, really add up!

Group G

I didn't include any of my duplicates in the photos... we had a great variety! Of course with over 30 people swapping we all have something different to contribute :) I am so pleased with this swap and so glad I thought of it. :) and thankful it is only quarterly! :P

Group H

For anyone readying and looking at the pics and want to make/swap/collect mini 9 patches... our swap is pretty much closed for now. I just cant' do much more than 30 people at a time 9most of who send in 200 each round)... but WE WILL BE HAVING A POTLUCK swap/ make up for anyone who missed previous rounds.. at the beginning of next year, 2009. Probably due in Jan or Feb. so contact me if you are interested and I can give you all the guidelines and details. :)

Love from Texas!
The listed below blocks have already been spoken for:
Group A=4
Group B=2, 3, 4, 8, 9
Group D=4, 6
Group F=4, 9


  1. Bonnie, those red and orange blocks look just yummy. Do you have a plan for them yet or are you just collecting them?

  2. so fra just collecting them. It's all I can to do sew myslef a few sets to have to swap... thankfully as hostess, several our of the 30+ swappers send me a few of their leftover blocks and every 3 or 4 really add up!!! :)

    After the swap is done and after the makeup/potluck early of 2009, I'll be ready to comeup with a plan for them. :) They're all so cute and tiny!

    THanks for visiting my blog Ruthie :) and Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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