Wednesday, August 27, 2008

WOW, Blogland is overflowing with generosity

More blogaversaries = more blog-give-away!!! Wow, I was just over at Luv2Stitch visiting and man oh man does she have the luck for finding blog-give-aways! I'll save you some time and only list the few that are still current ;)

Can you believe this???!! Must be a blue moon event in blog land with all of these quilters being so generous! Not that quilters surprise me with their generosity... I learned long ago that quilter =s generous :) I'm just hoping I get lucky with one of them ;) ~bonnie

First off, Amy's Passions is having a blog-give-away, in honor of her 100th post! All you have to do is leave a comment or make a post telling about your favorite quilt! And since I just wrote about my "first quilt" being the one my mom and I made together when I was growing up and now all of three of my little ones have taken turns using it to sleep is will always be my most cherished favorite quilt! :) Better Hurry and enter - chances close tonight!

Next up is Jessie in Singapore. She's celebrating her first year of blogging with by giving away a very lovely and gorgeous scissors holder and fob. If I win this I know just the perfect friend to give it to as a birthday gift - or perhaps a "just because gift" ;)

and Vicky E over at Mid-Ohio Knitter has an assortment of loot to give away in celebration of her 200th post! Take a look. I don't get to the LQS very often (remember mom of 3 kids under 4!) so I sure hope I get lucky on one of those MODA packs! :) Don't you just love her bears at the top of her page??? I do! :)

Gina at Quilting in the Valleys is itching to give away something too in excitement of her
200th post... she didn't exactly mention what -but I am sure chances are it is something we don't have ;) Check it out, she'll draw a name Sept. 1st.

and well folks, there you have it - don't say you never get to enter the blog drawings b/c if you are here reading, I just gave you directions to all the ones I know of! :P

Love from Texas!


  1. Thanks for the heads up! I didn't know they did this, how fun!

    I entered 2 of them..Hope you win one and I win one..lol

  2. I'll keep you in my prayers as the hurricane heads your way. My husband has family in Texas, and we aren't sure how they'll make out either!


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