Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nora is loving school and SO am I :c)

Now that school has started for Nora - read all about it here - I am loving our NEW daily routine! It's especially nice that BOTH babies are napping at the SAME times both in both the morning while Nora is at school and also again in the late afternoon... when she is home napping too!! :) :) :)

I can't tell you how happy that makes me and how I am now able to enjoy some much needed peace and quiet around here every day!!! :P Perhaps now that Naps are becoming more regular... there may more postings on Nap Time News! :P

So here are a few things I have been working on so far this week while Nora is at school.

Star blocks for the Sunshine Quilters from the HGTV quilter's board. I need to make one more friendship star block...then they'll be ready to mail out.

ssharon334 (Sept) asked for Friendship Stars made with a novelty print and coordinating print for background.

Below are two more Sawtooth stars I made for jane_kiwi (Oct) who requested any star pattern made using bright animal print stars.

The Sunshine group is very casual - no one keeps records if you make blocks or not -you don't get in trouble if you skip a month.. some make only 1, most make 2 when they are able... and others mail in more. I'm planning to mail 2 each month and 3 for October b/c a "traveling box swap" I was in recently, the hostess or rather coordinator... requested no gifts but instead to make a block and donate it to charity in honor of her... so that White cat fabric block is in honor of LisaP8! :) I don't know if she likes cats or not, but I do think she likes brights and while I wasn't sure if the polka dot background would be too busy or not, I took a chance and made my 3rd sawtooth block using it - and I think it turned out just fine. Don't you? :) All of them are pretty fun colors hua? ;c)

I even made a couple sets of green mini 9 patches for my quarterly swap I host... Here's a pic of the first set. This was my first day of sewing while Nora was in school... so I sat her "Dora" up to keep me company. I sure do miss her and I've even shed a tear or two realizing that the Hero she sees in me will from now on change... as she gets older she will begin to value the opinion of her peers and their acceptance more than mine or her dads. sad but true... it's just how it is. I do pray that our bond we have created will last a lifetime and that she will have many fond memories of these years she spent at home with me (her Stay at home Mom.)

and in anticipation of Bonnie Hunter's new book release, I've also been finding time to cut up some of the shirts I have collected in the past year. I was gonna working on a binding during the Olympics... but I just can't do that and keep my eyes on the TV too. :P So for me, shirts are easier and faster!
I wonder how many other faithful readers of http://www.quiltville.blogspot.com/ are also cutting up shirts while we wait for the book to be released?? Have you not seen her cute cover? no? well check out her post she shared on 08/14/08
Love from Texas!


  1. Isn't Nora just adorable? The years go by so fast...my oldest is starting kindergarten this year and I'm a nervous wreck!!

    I'm glad to see you posting a little more often ~ that means your getting more Mommy time! YIPPEE!!!!

  2. pretty pretty star blocks. I can't wait to see what you do with all the shirts. :-)


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