Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Show and Tell

JulieKQuilts showed a Sunbonnet Sue quilt and asked that we show ours. While I have never made one (yet) I do have a very special one that I mentioned in the previous post.... and since I didn't post it's photo yesterday, I'll go ahead and post here. You can read about my Sun Bonnet Sue quilt's story here.
and if you haven't stopped by in a while, you can click on the link and read - then skip it in the next post ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. That quilt is just darling! Love it...What a pretty setting for those lovely blocks. I am so glad you shared it!!

  2. I love your quilt but really love the story thanks for sharing. I did a post on my blog today if you are interested go check it out. I have a great story about sunbonnet sue also. I would love to get into one of your swaps so I will keep checking back.

  3. I love Sun Bonnet Sue quilts! When we were kids my mom made a sunbonnet sue quilt top that she never finished. I have it now and someday I will finish it up.


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