Wednesday, October 11, 2006

10/11/1905 - Happy Birthday Momma Newt

Growing up I only had one living grandparent. My Daddy's mother - Nettie Mae Page was her maiden name before she married my grandfather Walter Louis Newton (who passed away when my Daddy was only 23)

All day I have been thinking of her and thought I would share some memories of her here on my blog. On this day, 101 years ago my grandmother was born.

"Momma Newt" is what everyone called her. The oldest of the 18 grandchildren gave her that name and for decades that is what she went by. Even church friends and people from our small town in Kentucky all called her "Momma Newt". :C)

When I came along, the youngest of the 18 grandchildren, Momma Newt was always so worried that she would die before I was old enough to remember her. She was 69 at the time I was born. I guess that is why she took to spoiling me pretty good ;) and even gave my mother this Sunbonnet Sue twin size quilt when I was born.

She had made it growing up long before the days of electricity. So she had to use candlelight at nighttime. The blocks are made using flower sacks and she told my mom that she made it when she was a girl. I am guessing she was 9-12 at the time? She wanted me to be the one to have it since I was the youngest grandchild - the one before me was already 16 when I was born.. So my mom took the precious gift and we kept the secret all of my life so that no one else in the family would know I had such a special treasure. It was one of 2 quilts that my mom rotated on my twin size bed when I was growing up. I use to love to get Momma Newt to come look at my room when she visited and she would smile and say how happy it made her to see it on my bed and that she made it and had it on her bed too when she was a little girl like me! :c) (the SBS's are in each direction so that when the quilt is on the bed they are not upside down on one side of the bed)

Lucky for both of us she lived to be nearly 90 years old and I grew up having her in my life with hundreds of wonderful memories! I only regret that she could have seen me get married, but she died 2 years before. I was engaged already though, so she did know David before she passed away. :)

I wish I had a photo of her to share with you but don't at this time. My favorite photo was taken at Christmas time when I was 18 years old - and I was sitting in her lap! I gasp now thinking that I sat on a 87 year old woman's lap but at the time it was what she wanted for the photo.

You see, she had this tradition - b/c there were 18 of us grandkids... she had a thing with the number 18. With 23 great grand kids coming up and more on the way - she decided that 18 would be our cut off year for Christmas gifts so that she could keep up with the younger ones. So for our last year to get a gift = or rather our special 18th Christmas we got a hand pieced quilt top made by Momma Newt.

She called this pattern Birds in flight, although it doesn't look like any Birds in flight pattern I've seen while googeling it and looking for more information.... I have yet to find out it's official name. Do you know what it's called?? The blocks are put together with 4 trapezoids and a center square sorta like a "Spool" block would be made.

Anyway, what ever it's called... Cheers to you Momma Newt - Happy Birthday! - I love you and am so grateful I had you as my grandmother! I cherish all the wonderful memories you gave us!!!


  1. What beautiful quilt you were given. You have been blessed.

    I love the bright leaves in your quilt. They are going to "pop" off the quilt when it is completed.

    Sorry to hear about your pink eye. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better.

  2. what a special grandma she was--I'm trying to be one like that! thanks for sharing your memories of a special lady.

  3. What a great tribute to Momma Newt. I can only hope that when I have grandchildren they cherish me as you do your grandmother. Thank-you for sharing.

  4. What beautiful family treasures - thanks for sharing them and for sharing about your grandma.

  5. You have such wonderful memories. My Nana was not a quilter but she sure was a sewer, and she is the one that instilled the love for fabric in me. You have treasures, pieces of your Momma Newt's life...you are truly a very lucky girl. Enjoy every moment of them!

  6. Oh how lucky you are to have such wonderful memories of your grandmother, and what treasures you have from her! Both quilts are wonderful! I love your 18 quilt! I've seen that pattern before but a bit more scrappy in the blocks - called a split 9-patch, but of course there are other names for it also, but I can't think of them right now!

  7. What beautiful treasures you have, Bingo-Bonnie, not only in your quilts made by your beloved "Momma Newt" but also in your memories! Your quilts are truly beautiful!

    And I just caught up on your blog....your H-A-D leaf quilt is going to be GORGEOUS!!! LOVE that backing fabric your wonderful DH insisted you buy! :) It's perfect for your quilt!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your comment! I've enjoyed reading about your grandmother. Her quilts are beautiful! You are so blessed to have the wonderful memories to go with your quilts! I'm off to read more of your blog. :)

  9. What a fantastic grandmother and her blessings of quilts for her children and grandchildren! Yours is extra special...


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