Wednesday, October 11, 2006

progress report of Leaf Season

I had hoped to finally be catching up with all of you by now... when it came time for the alternating blocks for "Leaf Season" but b/c of my PINK EYE over the weekend, I lost precious quilting time!! I can't believe how many of you are done with their tops! Boy you ladies are fast!! The tops I have seen are all so B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!

Here is what I have so far. Just 3 colors of leavs so far. :( I really wanted to be done with all of these leaves so I could join everyone for the speed piecing of the other type blocks! ....(((I think we should have started with those first)))....

Last night I was feeling better from my pink eye so I cut up some orange fabrics and these will be my next few leaves. Only 32 leaves total... that means I have only 14 left to go...

Oh and look what I found at 40% off to use as my backing fabric and possibly a boarder. I know I said I was gonna wait and shop for it after the top was done, but dh was with me and he liked it so much he talked me into going ahead and buying it now while the bolt still had enough. :) I just love him!


  1. Your leaves are looking great! And I totally love your backing fabric. It almost looks like I'm looking out my side window and seeing it "rain" leaves! Which it really is doing at the moment. I thought it was a picture at first, not fabric. Your hubby was correct in talking you into it. By the time you get the top done, something that pretty would have been gone. And don't worry about not keeping up with everyone--we have all month! I am still doing my blocks too. :)
    PS..I checked out your other posts and I love all the noodle swaps and string swaps you are doing. I used to do that a long time ago, but kind of got burned out. Maybe it's a good time to restart?

  2. Your leaves are looking great. The backing fabric is wonderful. Good thing your husband talked you into buying it. I look forward to seeing the finished project.

  3. Glad your husband made you get the backing fabric...you could have looked forever and never found one better.

  4. I love this quilt! And the colors are so bright! (I LOVE bright colors.)

    And isn't pink-eye a joy. I think I had it twice when my daughter was the age of yours. (She's a soph. in college now.) Do you still have to use those stinging eyedrops? Ouch.

  5. I love your colors....the backing fabric is WONDERFUL!!


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