Friday, October 6, 2006

Fun Friday

Firday's are my fun time in the sewing room. Usually I work on making string blocks for a one day quilt and ever since this past spring when everyone on the HGTV board decided to do a swap (which I am hosting) I have been busy nearly every Friday sewing on the blocks for that swap. The due date was 10/01 and as of yesterday ALL packages are RECEIVED! :c) Now I can begin the swapping process - more pictures to be posted soon of the groups.

Here's just some of my progress over the past few weeks. It is so fun to finally square them up, like giving a kid their first haricut - they look so all grown up! :c)

In the background you will see my noodles for September the theme was Pink so that when everyone receives them back in October it will go along with Breast Cancer Awarness month. I always wait to see how many total sets of noodles there will be and then cut enough of mine so that I get one of each from the swap. This time, we had a total of 68 sets swapped with only 3 or 4 repeats. The noodles will be ready to mail on Monday to everyone who participated.

ok, and now to begin a new "Fun Friday" tradition of my own here on my blog. I saw this weblink a while back and did a survey to find out just how much I am worth....and the result is.....

I am worth $1,990,410 on HumanForSale.com
..not that I would ever sell any part of my body... but fun to take the survey. How much are you worth do you think?

Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. Your string squares are just wonderful...I love string squares...everything works and it is a great way to work out of stash. Sounds like you have great fun when Nora is napping.

  2. Oh I LOVE the string blocks! I just got done making a bunch of them and then turning them into quilts too - they turned out sooo awesome!


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