Friday, October 6, 2006

Time for the Noodle Dance!

Nora is napping, so that means it is time for the Noodle Dance! I have been hosting the noodle swap from the HGTV forum since March of this year. Each month we have a different theme and the participation has been great!

These are the noodles we have swapped already:
Mar - Paisley Fabrics
Apr - Florals
May - Let's dance the Polka! Fabric with Polka Dots!
Jun - I'm proud to be an American! (Red, White & Blue)
Jul - The Heat is On ~ BRIGHTS! (this one was really fun!)
Aug - Autumn in the Air - fall colors
Sep - Pink

upcoming months:
Oct - Batiks - the largest participation last year
Nov - Christmas Fabrics - small scale prints only!
Dec - Gimmie Some Bling-Bling! - Fabrics with sparkle, metalic, or shimmery in them.

The colors/themes are determined by a poll that i put up so that everyone can vote - I use their requests as the choices adn the ones with the most votes win ;) Seems to be working great this year. Who knows what is in store for 2007 but this is a very fun swap and I have several regulars, with a few that come and go - playing on ly on the months they want. It works out great for everyone.

In months past I have tried to remember to get a photo of all the variety before I begin swapping them out but most times I forget and only end up with a picture of the noodles I get to keep.

However this time, I did good - before swapping, I was smart and picked up "one of everything" off the top of each stack on the bed and took to the sewing room so that I could take a photo of them.

I also posted these photo along with closeups to the participants on the HGTV board - I hope it doesn't come back to bite me in the but if they begin posting their requests! I told them that this was not a noodle "menu" to order from, just a sneak peak while they wait.

I plan to get them all swapped tonight....if I am lucky I will take them to the Post Office tomorrow - if not they will mail out on Monday.

Once these are all bagged up, I can clear the bed and begin with my HUGE SWAP - the string squares! There are over 2000 of them!!!


  1. Please pardon my ignorance...but what exactly IS a noodle? Looks like a 2.5" strip? Anyway, sounds like a fun swap. I'll have to check out the HGTV board to find out more!

  2. nichole - I didn't know where to reply to you so I hope you see this.

    Yes we are calling 2.5" strips (WOF=width or fabric from selvedge to selvedge) a noodle. However, some books out there call a noodle a 2" strip. Although I don't own any of her books yet - I hear that Debbie Caffrey has books on using these in her patterns.

    Two of her books are "Noodle Soup", "Open a Can of Worms".


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