Sunday, October 1, 2006

adding photos

ok, well I guess they are not going to appear. That is odd. I hit the photo icon and selected the photos just like I have done before... and waited for them to load - which they did successufly... but never did they show up in my post or preview. Does it matter if I am in Html mode or compose mode? Does one work better than the other? What is the differece?

I even triend going back and editing the post to add them in but it didn't work. So maybe if I start a new post I will have better luck??? We'll see...

Here is the "Opposites Attract" mystery I did last fall. Nora was 17 months old in this photo and really into her blocks at the time. She had them in her hands every waking hour! In the bed, at the table, in the car & in the bathtub. Funny :c)

ok, I can tell this time it is going to work b/c after it loaded and I hit done there was this code appear in my message. :) yeah!

Now here is a photo of my background fabric I bought yesterday with some of the leaf fabric choices for Judy L's Leaf Seasons project. The background is a tone on tone with yellow and even hints of pink and orange in it. I hope it shows up where you can see it good.

I even spent some time tonight cleaning up the sewing area in the dining room to get ready for this new project. This afternoon I finished up my last 3 sets of string squares for the swap (no photo). The due date is today so after I receive the last of the packages that are on the way this coming week, I will get busy swapping them out. I'm also waiting on 2 sets of my monthly noodles before I can begin swapping. I will post photos of that later ;)


  1. I like the fabrics you chose for Judy's challenge!

  2. The fabrics you have chosen are great!

  3. Hi, Your 1st set of photos must of gone to cyber space photo album.

    I am also doing Judy's challenge.

  4. i like the fabrics you have chosen for the Hour A Day Challenge.
    I'm also doing the Challenge and have made the HSTs. Now to wait for the next instructions.

  5. I don't know if this will help about photos that don't appear but I learned to keep my cache cleared out - frequently, then reload your page. Just a suggestion -- it worked for me.

    Gorgeous fabrics!


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