Friday, October 6, 2006

Quilt Pink

OK, so this is a week late but I thought I would share that I sort of participated in the Quilt Pink project this year. I didn't make a whole top, but I helped make a block. After seeing Mary's Pink Quilt at her blog
it gives me inspriation for next year! Her churn dashes are ADORABLE - twisting & turning all over the quilt top! Take a look if you haven't seen it already. (I still do not know how to make a person's blog name appear as just their name as a hyper link to click on....???...)

Here's my Snails Tail Block. My first time ever to use paper templates! I love the bright pinks from Moda that they selected.

I did make a block but didn't get to participate last Saturday in sewing the blocks together. I hope I get to see the final quilt after the top is quilted before sending in to Quilt Pink. We each paid $5 for a block kit (pattern and fabric) and made the block and when we turned it in we got our $5 back.

What a smart marketing plan for the store... b/c it ended up when I took my block to turn it in before the deadline - instead of walking out with my $5, I came out with a bag of fabrics and they kept my $5 along with about $40 more of my own! LOL


  1. I just love this block!! It looks great and sounds like your shop did a great job organizing things.

  2. I love your pink block. I made a quilt with all those Moda blocks this past spring. It's waiting right now to be hand quilted.

    Did you have fun with your noodle and block swap? All those pinks look luscious.

  3. i also like your pink block. The fabrics are very pretty.

    thanks for stopping by my blog. And thanks for your comments about my Daisy quilt:-)

  4. beautiful block :)

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  5. What a wonderful Quilt Pink block. You did a wonderful job!


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