Thursday, October 5, 2006

An Hour A Day Project

The whole reason I started my blog was so I could participate and post along with everyone in Judy L's "an Hour A Day Project." And, I have been doing the sewing each day, just not posting anything yet b/c I didn't think I had made much progress to report. Most days even, I have spent more than an hour!!....although from my photos, it won't look like it.

Every day I check Judy L's blog to find out what our directions are and then read all the comments to see who's reporting progress... not too many responses yet I noticed. I am following: Ausie Quilter, Bonnie, who is way ahead, DubiQuilts, Getting Started, & Quilt Pixie. (Are there any others I have yet to find that are doing Leaf Season??? - If so please comment so I can take a peek :c) )

Today when I checked in, I noticed taht Judy asked How many of us are doing the project - so I guess I better stand up and be counted and give my progress report :c)

Monday I spent the day cutting. It appears to me that everyone else already got a head start before Monday. Several had already made some blocks and at least everyone had their most of or all of their cutting done! So I started off feeling behind. However, trying to stay positive, I reminded myself - this is not a race. :c)

Tuesday I started sewing some, I am more of a - make the whole block as you go type. I got stuck at the stem stage but later on found directions at www.quilterscatche.com for the stem part. I feel that I am such a slow poke at this but I will get my top done, just you wait! When we get to those blocks that are all the same, my needle will be smokin baby!

Because my plan is to use a mixture of red fabricss in my leafs, and a mixture of yellows fabrics.. and each color, I wan't able to just make "X" number of HST's because all my red leafs won't be using the same. Does that make sense? Here are the red blocks I completed. They are each unique and different from each other which I love.

Not knowing on how many of each color leaf blocks to make I stopped at 7 and moved on to my yellow fabrics. Yesterday and Last night I spent my time cutting and did get all the yellow HST's done and 4 blocks are laid out.

I can tell from Judy's pic she used several colors - light green, dark green, light purple, dark purple, golden yellow, orangy red, dark red... I just wonder how many of each color group she used so that I could have a better idea of how many of each leaf color to make. I will post a comment on her board and ask her so that she can advise me and also to let her know that I am one of the participants ;c)


  1. Hi Bingo-Bonnie :) I'm doing the leaf quilt too, but think I've only posted one picture. I think I have 8 leaf blocks completed. Mine is moving slow because I'm picking each fat quarter for my leaves. I have my alternate-block fabric, but haven't started piecing them yet. Your's is going to be gorgeous in that yellow-orange!

  2. I just went back and re-read your post; I too have had to remind myself this is for FUN...not a RACE!!! LOL So join me in trying to ignore how fast everyone else is and how slow I am. :) And your quilt will be soooo pretty with all of the different tone-on-tones!!

  3. Hi, I am paper piecing my blocks. I get 4 blocks done in a day. I am using my hand dye fabric for each leaf. I am also trying to use a different color for each block. Some blocks may have 2 color blends.

    You are not a slow poke. Don't rush take your time. If you are like me when I rush I make alot of mistakes. Today I was not paying attention and I had to rip 3 blocks.

    Remember this project is supposed to be fun not stressful.

  4. You are doing a good job on your quilt so far. Don't stress about keeping up. The goal is to have fun! I'm not doing Judy's quilt right now. I have to many other projects on my list right now.

  5. I think red and yellow is a great idea! Your leaves look beautiful so far. I can't join in this month, but hope to do so in the future if it keeps going. Have fun!

  6. Welcome, I like your leaves, you are doing a great job. I just posted a picture of my completed top. I used a different fabric for each leaf. I really like this pattern and look forward to seeing everyones completed tops. I will check in on your blog regularly to see your progress. Dot


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