Friday, October 13, 2006

Fun Time Friday

Well today, for "Fun Friday", Nora and I went to the park after the post office this morning. I wanted to do something fun for her since she didn't get to go to playgroup yesterday. My eyes are still bothering me from having the PINK eye (very sore still) - so I didn't risk going to playgroup.

Earlier this week I talked with Dad on the phone (he's in Kentucky) and he told me about the cool weather they have been having - highs in the low 50's and lows in the 30's!!! It was hard to believe that it is so cold there and all week our highs here have been in the mid 80's. Well, today the high was only 72 and this morning when we were at the park it was only up to 66 and a little windy. It felt great! Finally fall weather! :c)

We were the only ones at the park but Nora had fun all the same. We went to a smaller park b/c the larger one in town called "Lion's Den" is not as easy to get into right now. The local Lion's Club has their carnival all set up in town (by the BIG park) and tonight is opening night. Tomorrow from 4-6pm is kiddy hours and I think David and I are planning on taking Nora. She didn't get to go to it last year - it rained the whole weekend.

If we go or not will depend on how David wants to spend his weekend. I think he will want to but I will let him decide. He leaves Monday for a business trip to Indianapolis, IN and will be gone thru Thursday. Then the day he gets home is leaving again for a Men's ACTS retreat with church. He won't be home until Sunday the 22nd.

As always before he leaves, I will tell him to take a good look at my hair......because I might very well have pulled it all out before he gets home! :c) LOL That is our little joke b/c a week without a "Daddy Break" for Nora can be pretty stressful on Mommy!

Hope everyone has a Happy Weekend! :c) ~Bonnie


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