Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Guess What - I WON a blog-give-away ;)

Remember a week or so ago when I had found several blog-give-aways??? Well I entered most all of them and I actually WON one of them while I was evacuated to Mississippi last week for Hurricane Gustav! :)

The box arrived Monday of this week and I did take my own photo of the loot... but right now my camera is outside in the van and I'm too lazy to go get it... :P and rather than postpone this post... I'll just use the pic Debbie shared on her blog so you can see what I won.

Thank you Debbie and speaking of blog-give-aways... Debbie has come up with a very exciting challenge to ALL Quilter's who blog - take a peak over on her blog and find out the "Fall into Fall Quilt Blog Giveaway" she is heading up.

I plan to participate... just gotta figure out what I have around here to put up for grabs. But it won't be for a week or so. I gotta first figure out what I'm doing about Hurricane Ike. ?????


and speaking of blog-give-aways, here is ANOTHER BLOG GIVEAWAY that I read about yesterday in celebration of Jane's 53rd Birthday!!! :) If you are like me you're gonna Love it and dream of this loot every night until she announces the winner!!! She is giving away FIFTY 1930 reproduction FQs!!! FIFTY!?^%! *eek* :P Her Birthday actually falls on the same day that was my Mother's Birthday, September 16th. If mom was still living she'd be 72 this year.
....and b/c I would really, really love to win this stash of 30's FQs ((they are suddenly non existent in stores near me, are they hard for you to find too?)) ....I'm gonna increase my chances for winning and add her blog to my sidebar.
Honestly I have clicked and made this photo larger and looked... and I only recognize 3 out of this bunch that I have ever seen before!!!! I'd love to add these babies to my babies :)
Also, Jane has a neat variety of music on her blog which I like... :) maybe one day I'll figure out a play list of my own???
So enough reading already - what are you waiting for? go sign up!! :P

Love from Texas!

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  1. Hi, I am so glad you stopped by and I have your name in the basket 4 times! When this giveaway is over I am coming back with a cup of coffee for a long visit. Happy birthday to your Mom in heaven, maybe she knows mine!!! Good Luck, maybe it will be two in a row for you! Jane


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