Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We are back home again

We drove back Monday of this week with my Dad & Clara. Clara and I took turns driving my van following my Dad in his truck. They've already gone back to KY (yesterday) but I am so glad that they made the trip with me and the kids and could stay a few days to help out around my home!

Can you believe that counting last night I have only slept in my own bed 10 nights counting last night??? That's what evacuating two times in one month will do... but so glad we did both times.

Nora started back school today (Thursday)... and I also hosted an @home Preschool here in my kitchen this morning (actually as I type) so things are getting back to normal for us. However just less than 10 miles down the road the people there are going thru a really hard time as they clean up from Hurricane IKE. Take a look here for photos of IKE damage and more details.

It is so sad. I'm still trying to think of a way that I and my family can help in some way... my best friend is trying to contact the library so we can go with out children and help them clean up. Never too young to teach a child about service. Another friend of mine is collecting clothing of all sizes to take and give out...

And before I end... ATTENTION to My MINI-9 PATCH SWAPPERS:
Great News! My mail has resumed!!! So you may now mail any mini greens that you have made for this quarter!

Yesterday, while Dad and Clara were here we drove around looking and here is a photo of our new post office while the other one is cleaned up.

So today while the twins napped and school was taking place in my kitchen... I got busy cleaning off the dining room table form all the stuff i piled high on it for evacuating. I now have it able to work off of and trimmed up some minis myself! :) thank goodness for LEFTOVERS that my swappers send me as hostess gifts b/c this month I just haven't been home much to work on my own sets!

Well I better wrap this up...it's almost time to go pick Nora up from Preschool and I need to use what little time left to get things done before the twins wake up from their nap... I have mini-9-patch packages to open that came this week... and I'll be back to share photos. ;)

Glad to be home again & Love from Texas!


  1. Glad you made it home safely. You must be exhausted!

  2. Hey,

    I'm so glad you are okay! Glad you're home, too!


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