Monday, September 29, 2008

another Blog-give-away

Myra over at Tactile Pleasures will soon be celebrating her 200th post and is making a thread catcher to give away and the best part is - she will be sharing a tutorial on how she makes it. Her drawing will be Oct 5th. ;)

And speaking of tutorials... I know, I know... I mentioned it recently... but to tell you the truth I just have not been able to start Nora's "Bonnie Blanket" - I have to try and finish up with my minis before time to swap *3rd quarter ends this week* but after that I should be ready.

And I am hoping to get on a roll with the "Bonnie Blankets" once I get starte. I bought fabric for another one today while we were in the town next door ;) I'm hoping I can complete that one for a Christmas gifty this year to a special couple...

Love from Texas!


  1. If you check out http://fallintofallquilters.blogspot.com/,
    there's a whole slew of quilters having giveaways (most start October 1) that end October 15. So far there are over 30! That's a lot of fun giveaways.

  2. Thanks for the plug in your post for mine! I have you down for 4 chances in my giveaway! 8-)
    Happy stitchings and good luck!
    PS: I'm glad you like my tutorial...lots of work! Wow, but so worth it! My turn to give back...


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