Monday, September 29, 2008

Mail Call - More Minis have arrived

5 sets of minis are here from missingNJ.....
3 sets of minis from STinMT....and 10 "super sets" from Sewinglady50...

and I am sad to report that I had nearly 8 sets of my own "IN PROGRESS" before I evacuated for IKE... and in a hurried frantic rush to get out before all the traffic.. I quickly piled everything up on top of the DR table... and now nearly a week later of cleaning the table off.. I still can't find ALL the "parts and pieces/strips" for my green mini sets! :P *urgh*

But I do have 3 sets finished and trimmed and counted for... now if I could just find the others so I can finish them up THIS coming week! ---before all the swappers packages arrive. If not, I'll just have to save them for our potluck/makeup swap for 2009 next year... and any "leftover" hostess gifts I receive will be even more appreciated this round! :D

Hope everyone had a happy weekend!

Love from Texas!


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