Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm Back... and Bonnie Blankets ;)

First Off -Thanks to everyone who left a comment here or over on my family blog telling me to take care and that I'd be in your T&Ps :) I left a week ago Saturday up to Mississippi and the normal 5 hour drive took me 9 :{ and I stayed there until Thursday... now I've been home less than a week and we may be leaving again. My husband actually just called at 3:15pm and was diving to the city's emergency planning meeting... so in about an hour I'll know more. I think David will have a conference call with the National Weather Service around 10:30pm tonight.

....anyway - on to quilting :) or at least quilt talk... since I haven't really accomplished anything. Nora and the twins and I dd happen to find a Hancock while in Jackson. (ours closed last year when they declared Bankruptcy)

Now before you go thinking i busted the bank -I'll have you know that I was VERY GOOD! :) Despite their 40% off sale on all of their quilting fabrics... I added NOTHING to my cart for stash or some day projects.. nothing, nada! Can you believe it? I know, I can't either!

However Nora on the other hand.... spotted a Tinkerbell fabric (she LOVES Tinkerbell) and just had to have it! So I stuffed it in the bottom of the double stroller I was pushing the twins in and began the search for something to go with it....

I'm not gonna fool myself in to thinking I can whip out a quilt for her soon... but perhaps I can make her a chenille type blanket. I saw a demo for these called Timberland throws the year I was pregnant for her...('04) and since have made dozens for family and friends... and now they call them their "Bonnie Blankets" :)

I know the plaid colors are not an exact match.. but it will work. The plaid, is the part that will be cut up and chenilled..... it's a sear sucker type. I used that once for a baby throw and it was super soft! I am hoping that this will turn out nice too. Not sure about that shiny thread in there.. so we'll see...

Here's a pic of that baby one I made a couple years back for my Cousin Cindy's baby Lillee. It turned out SUPER Soft. I wonder if she still uses it?

Now the only thing I forgot to buy were more safety pins! I quilter in one of my swaps or bingo sent me a box full earlier this year... which at that time I was so needing.. however they are still in use... so I need to buy more!

And how about that metal Princess box??? Again Nora's idea.. but what she doesn't know is that it will forevah be limited to using in the Sewing Room for me to store safety pins in! :) Again, I just wish I hadn't forgotten to swing by the notions and buy more... who knows when I'll make it to Joann's in the town next door...????

and if anyone would like to know how I make these "Bonnie Blankets" let me know and if there is enough interest.. I'll make up a tutorial :) (I'm sneaky about asking for comments aren't I? LOL)

and I'll leave you with a few more photos of different types of fabrics/colors I have used in the past. I don't' have photos all all... but some. :) Enjoy! :)

Nora still uses this pink lovey as her pillow at night ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. Ok, you HAVE to do a tutorial!! If I have make up 17 fake id's to leave comments I will!!! ;)

    I'm in charge of a Project Linus service project for my Moms Club and these look so snuggly soft (and I'm guessing faster than a quilt?)....I'd love to make some!!!

    Please, Please, Please!!! ~off to make up fake names...;)

  2. ok, so let me know how to make these!!!! hope you all are safe with this next storm and don't have to leave.. guess that is why i love the midwest soooo much.. with a tornado it comes and goes and you don't have time to think about what to do.. with a hurricane, you have to stew over what to do!!!! :) so just head north and make your husband move up here too!! :)

  3. Yes, please do a tutorial. I have somewhat of an idea on how to do these but unclear at the same time. Stay safe and I'll check in again soon.

  4. thanks for the comments :) after I posted tonight I left to go visit my friend's baby that was born today and then following while i was out of the house "alone" went and just enjoyed wonderin around WalMart alone! ;P

    we "may" have to evacuate -so just in case.. you don't hear from me ina week that is why.

    But good news is - I bought 4 packs of safety pins tonight so now I have everything I need to get started... now I just need to find the time and when I do, I'll have the camera right there with me step by step! ~bonnie

  5. Can't wait for the tutorial! Hope you guys are safe from the storms.

  6. I love the idea of your Bonnie Blankets! I am sure everyone would appreciate a tutorial!

  7. I started making a Bonnie Blanket last night. I'm hoping it turns out like yours. I just love how soft and cuddly they look. Thanks for sharing these with us.

  8. How many times do I need to comment before you'll do a tuitorial! I like these...you definitely need to show us.


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