Thursday, September 10, 2009

1930s blocks are back

actually they've been back for quite some time now - since the end of August... but after I took these photos then my laptop crashed... and went without a laptop for about 4 weeks... so I'm just now getting them saved off the camera card.

Take a peek to see what was inside my swap envelope ;) These 1930's Jewel Box Blocks were swapped out by our lovely hostess Crazy'boutquilts.

I made and sent in the maxium number of sets (3 sets of 8 blocks) Since the dining room was completely empty form the work we had done last month it made for the perfect photo spot ;)

and here are some more My Blue Heaven Blocks that Crazy and I are making and swapping just between us :) I had mailed her a set of them when I mailed in my swap blocks. We love to double up on the packaging and save on shipping throughout the year.

and of course Nora enjoyed helping me... isn't this a cute one of her standing back admiring the blocks? and yes that is a toddler bed in there... just like the one she has upstairs in her room. A friend from church offered it to us free! :) but I'm not quite ready for it for the twins...

Ta-Da! :)

Nora: "Momma can I use your camera?"

Me: bribing her - "If you give me a good smile I'll let you take a few..'

love it - and the ones she took too... of her piggys :)

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  1. Lovely young lady in those pictures....and love the quilts..


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