Monday, September 21, 2009

My first jelly roll and first online purchase

I'm sure if you visit your LQS (local quilt store) often then you've these fabrics from MODA. Aren't they beautiful?! I think they're called Three Sisters? I can't remember exactly... I've had them over a year now and still haven't cut into them yet...

My "not so local" LQS (but nearest to me) store has a buyer card that they punch off for each time you spend $5 worth.. or maybe it's $10? I don't remember but I keep it with me in my wallet at all times b/c after the card is full the neon Pink card is worth $25 at their store! :) Who doesn't love FREE money?

Last year I spent my card on my first ever "jelly roll" and have had it sitting around ever since.
I loved the quilt hangin in the store but they didn't have any patterns left for it - so thankfully I remembered to write down the name and came home and found it on eBay for sale and purchased it under the buy it now. I think I paid under $8.00 for the pattern "State of Grace."

Then last year I was given a $25 gift certificate from one of my FQ Bingo players (a mighty generous hostess gift I might add!!!) and I had one year before it expired... I almost forgot about using it - but then I remembered it and at first had NO clue as to what fabric I would select to purchase from equilter.com

...but then it dawned on me!! More coordinating fabric to go with my jelly roll and pattern! Yes! :) The dark brown fabric could be used as a border, the stripe as the binding and the large floral on blue background as the backing... now all I have to find is that white fabric the pattern calls for as the focal print.... hummm no idea where to find that b/c my LQS is sold out and not reordering it. Wish I knew the name or number for it.

What do you have sitting around that you can't cut into just yet??? I don't have time to start this pattern just yet as I have many other irons in the fire... but one day... yes one day! ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. Hi--Your fabrics are from
    Shangri-La by Three Sisters from Moda. I did a quilt from 2 charm packs and a jelly roll. 3 sisters have several collections that repeat the samecolors and if you can't find the light from shangri-La on line, one from Roman Holiday or another might work.

    Sallie from Va

  2. Love your fabrics...have fun

  3. Oooooo....love that line...Enjoy!!!

  4. There's not room here to list all the things I have that I've not cut into or started yet. Stacks and boxes and tubs of stuff. Someday...

  5. The LQS nearest me does the reward program too and I love racking up the points so I can spend them. I do order online when I need too and my favorite place to look is quiltshops.com.

  6. Bonnie, I just love your blog! It is great, full of quilting info and personal touches. Thanks for sharing! Stephanie

  7. I have one jelly roll that I got about a year ago and I love the fabric but haven't used it yet. I was thinking this winter I would get around to using it, now that the kids will be in school.

  8. Hey, there~ it's going to be just great whenever you cut into it. I have a pile of Moda charm squares and a jelly roll from their Strawberry Lemonade line a few years back. I can't bear to think of cutting it up, but; if I ever have a granddaughter I will make her a quilt from these fabrics!


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