Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sometimes the obvious isn't so obvious..

I mentioned yesterday how much I love Triangulations - they are great for making multiple HSTs from the same fabrics - especially for the smaller sizes, BUT what about when you want or need more variety of colors? Like only 2-4 of the same fabric? or want HSTs that finish at 5" or larger??

Or for me, I like using the old fashioned way to make HSTs best for the larger sizes b/c with the Triangulations software I feel like I'm wasting paper if I can only get 6 or less on one page... so look what I discovered today....a new trick.
Use to - I'd mark two lines to sew on... but after about 3 years of having this foot for my Bernina #57 I tried something different and just drew ONE line down the middle.... and would you believe I just discoved a new use - use the edge to stay on the line while sewing 1/4" away!

Now I only have to draw one line instead of two and do not have to change presser feet before sewing! I'd say I feel kinda smart for figuring this out, but I actually feel rather stupid that I didn't' think of this long before now. :P

Love from Texas!


  1. I just did that the other day! The last time I made HSTs I drew three lines...one down the center and one on each side of that line for the stitching. This time I figured out all on my own that with my quarter inch foot on, I'd only need one line down the middle! It saved so much time! :0)


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