Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pictures! Pictures! I've missed my pictures!

Well as you may have read - my latest digital camera took a very hard fall about a month ago and left me with no way to take and post photos - other than my phone camera but the quality is just not the same.... however I'm happy to report that about a week ago I thought since it's stuck on the "Cannon" blue welcome screen when I turn it on.... would it hurt if I dropped it again and knocked some sense into it? LOL :P

And that is what I did - and it worked! Still the camera isn't working correctly - I still can't change any of the settings or go to video mode but at least I can take a photo or two now! ;) However, for the record, I do NOT recommend dropping your camera on accident much less on purpose... that's the whole reason I need a new one b/c I've dropped it at least 50 times in the past year :/

and just so you know - I HAVE been working in the sewing room on and off over the past couple weeks... Remember the mini 9-patch swap I hosted last year??? I'm hosting another small "makeup/potluck" swap again due in October for anyone who wanted to use up their leftover strips... or need more :)

The above are 6-7 sets of minis ready to be squared up... and look at this CUTE fabric below -with the hearts!!! I just la,la,love it!!!

I loved it so much - that I didn't want to share these with my swappers!! So I used up all the mini 9-patch blocks along with some other strips to make just a plain checker board mini quilt... or quilt block actually b/c it is only about 12".... each square will finish at 1"

Aaak - forgot to get a final photo of it... but the one above gives you an idea. I don't have anymore of the fabric to use for backing or binding so I'm thinking one day (not anytime soon as I have a list of to do already-see the 1st photo) I'll just simply use KONA white and made up a small doll quilt for one of my girls. ;)

And how about those Star Struck "Leaders & Enders" Bonnie..... how are they coming?

Yep! Still working on them in between sewing other stuff... I need to find a little box or something to drop them into so none of them get lost... just need another 40-50 so these will be going on for a while...

And b/c today is JudyL's Design Wall Monday - I can't actually show you what is on mine - b/c it is a secret project.... a fall mini swap but here's a neat photo that gives a hint. I finished adding the boarders on it last night and today will sandwich it up and begin quilting on it tonight. I think it's gonna roughly finish around 22"

Digital Camera Fun

Created with dumpr.net - photo fun

These are the fabrics that I ordered from Connecting Threads for the project. I'm happy with the colors since they are for fall... but good thing this is just a small table topper style quilt b/c I wouldn't want if for my bed... too yellow/orangy. .

But last night for the photo I placed it in the center of my dining room table now and it's growing on me - it really looks good in there - I'd love to show you a photo of what I see when walking by the doorway.... but I can't yet.

Good thing I have a 2nd mini all cut out and ready to sew up... a keeper for me? or perhaps a gift to a special family member... mmmm... I don't know yet. ;)

Glad to be back with a few of my pictures! Hope you didn't delete your bookmark for my site b/c I've been gone so long...

Love from Texas!


  1. Your first picture looks like my room. I have all those plastic containers. And I am working on 3" mini 9-patches and rails for a swap on Yahoo Groups. Mine is due by the end of Sept.
    Glad your camera is working partially. I have never dropped mine...try another battery. It may reset itself.
    XOXOXO Subee

  2. Your sewing room is so neat....I really need to be neater....you put me to shame. Glad you can post pictures now...


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