Thursday, September 17, 2009

Soccer Mom - What about a Ballet Mom too?

Yep, this is me - a "soccer/ballet mom" :P That's what I am! :)

This year has been a big year for Nora - lots of new beginnings. Kindergarten, first time playing soccer and also first time to take ballet lessons... She has also began RE = Religious Education on Wednesday nights at church so we sure are on the go a lot these days. Here's a look at our week:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday = soccer practice
  • Wednesday = CCD Religious Education
  • Thursday = ballet class
  • Friday
  • Saturday = soccer games

Here are a couple photos I took of her today in her new ballet dress...

The Dance studio owners name is Rose and so all of the girls have a rose embroidered on their bodysuits. Aren't they pretty?

and what about those swap blocks Bonnie??? Well I decided I wanted my top to be a little larger than the 24 blocks I swapped so I signed up for a continuation where we are all swapping just the units with one another ;) 4 patches and HSTs and we can use for more blocks, borders, what ever. So until then here they are sitting under the design wall ;) After the October swap I'll work on getting them into a top.

I love the basket in the photo above.. I use it with my 9.5" ruler in my lap some nights while watching TV to do the finger pressing swirl thingy.. I forget if I ever shared the link with my readers or not - but take a look to see how easy it is to Press 4-patches. Linda Warren shows us an easy way to avoid bulk in the center where the seams all meet up.

as I sew my 4 patches I place in the basket and when it's full I use the ruler on top of the basket as a little lap desk. What do you do while watching TV??

Love from Texas!


  1. What an adorable daughter you have...and I will go and check out that link, now...thanks

  2. Nora looks very sweet in her ballet outfit. Aren't little ballerinas just the cutest?

  3. What a cutie! And I love seeing the 4 patches too. ;-))

  4. I love Nora in her ballet outfit. I had four sons, so never got to buy frilly outfits.
    I do embroidery work, or crochet while watching TV. Crazy quilting is great for TV nights too. The only problem for that is I get so much stuff on the fireplace hearth beside me, that I can`t get to the fire to turn it on. lol

  5. Nora is beautiful! I too have only sons that I raised. My step-daughter came later and she is not frilly. Hope Nora learns to quilt like her mommy! ~ Stephanie from Maryland


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