Tuesday, October 6, 2009

getting reORGANIZED in the pantry

before on the RIGHT after on the LEFT

It's really hard to see from the photos and really appreciate the difference purging through the pantry has made, but this morning that is what I did. I gated off the twins in the den watching "Dora & Diego" on the Noggin Channel and worked on it yesterday morning. I'd say about a good 2-3 hours..?

Above is only 1 of 2 boxes that held all the store bought boxes that our groceries are purchased in... I wish I'd thought to take a photo of both of them together before setting them out for Mr. Trash Man.. but man did it make a difference! I have so much more space now! and I can see what I need!

I had a neat trick with my Hamburger Helper boxes I'll share with you.

Making only 1 box is no longer enough for our family of 5 so just this week I started buying double and making 2 at a time. That way both Nora and David have enough to take to work and school for their lunches the next day.... MMmm Leftovers!

So I took the large rectangle # 4 and opened up all of my Hamburger Helper boxes up - cut the front and directions off the back and stapled onto one another.. then I took a sharpie and wrote what they were on all the pasta and seasonings bags. and I was impressed that it SAVED SO MUCH SPACE and easily would hold 10-12 Hamburger Helpers into only one container!!!

Above you can see how easily 6 boxes of Hamburger Helper fit into the bottom of Tupperware's Rectangle Container #4 and on the right photo another 2 hamburger helper meals sit on top of them... I'm sure if I had another 3-4 boxes they'd easily fit! WOW! even room to spare...

The only thing I'd do different is take more time being neater about cutting out the boxes. I had written the flavor onto each of the directions before I realized that hello I can staple them! LOL - which is something you'd only have to do ONCE and reuse them in the box when you buy new...

Also as I was taking photos today I realized when I opened up the container I could smell marker - I'm letting it sit with the lid off for a day to let the sharpie marker smell escape. I wasn't thinking about that yesterday during my mad dash to get reORGANIZED. The smell should leave.. if I notice much smell after today I'll just use pen next time.

I'll admit that when I was first married we ate it more than most people do - probably a good 3-4 times a week! Hey..."Hamburger Helper Makes a Great Meal" and it made me feel like a good cook when I was a newlywed in my early 20's.... however David was sick of it after a few months... so I'm guessing for at least the last 8-9 years I haven't bought the stuff.

However this fall when Nora started school and extra activities 3 nights a week..(life got crazy) - I took back the "Hamburger Helper Makes A Great Meal & MY LIFE EASIER" motto and declared Tuesday Nights at home a Hamburger Helper Night, and "we"started making it again.

"We" as in Nora and I ;) She loves to help and this is a really easy thing for her to help with without getting in my way - it's her job to read the "instructions" on the back of the box to me... and not let me forget what's next.

Also as with everything else she helps cook she also helps EAT it b/c she made it ;) So it works out great to always have it on the night Nora has soccer practice. Fast and easy... and the twins love it too!

And my box number #4 is holding a month's worth! And taking up very little space!

Above are two more closeups of how they look now. I already had some plastic storage that I still use but after I hosted my Tupperware Party in August, I earned 2 Modular Mates Super Sets at half price each... for a total of 20 pieces for less than $7 each that are guaranteed for life!

I also received a set of the Vent-N-Serve FREE with my hostess dollars and a Freezer Mate Family Set too so now the kids pizza rolls and chicken nuggets stay nice and fresh ;)

This was only my 2nd show with Tupperware... my first being over 10 years ago (wow I just made myself feel old saying that) but hosting is the way to go if you know there are several things you'd like to have! I still use and love the stuff bought at my first show 10 years ago - and it's holding up GREAT! Did I mention that the Vent-N-Serve does NOT stain!!!

I think a lot of my friends liked that idea too - b/c that is mostly what they bought at my show... ;) I'll have to get out my old and new to photo together sometime and see if you can tell which is the new and which is the used....

I had two friends book parties and hope they each have theirs during different months b/c lately I've noticed form the main website they have monthly fliers where items are DRASTICALLY reduced a good 40-50% off the regular price!!!

When was the last time you hosted or went to a show? I'd love to know what is your favorite piece....

Sorry if this sounds like a sales pitch, it isn't - I do NOT sell Tupperware.. I just can't help it - I'm just born this way! haha

Years ago I made good money selling furniture and knew nothing about it before walking into the store to purchase an Entertainment Center when we moved to SC and the movers busted up ours... same day of their Grand Opening I just happened to be talking casually to the manager and was offered a job without even looking for one! Bingo! I was born a natural salesperson... from Girl Scout cookies, to parking spaces in my dad's cow pasture... and many, many more.... my family would always say, - OH no, what are you selling now Bonnie? when they'd see me comming! haha)))

oh but that's another story for another day.. I really would like to know what your favorite Tupperware product is ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. Your pantry looks so awesome and what a wonderful idea for the hamberger helpers....I love tuperware...infact I still have the yellow canister set (now that is aging myself)...at times I just want to throw them out because they are so old and ugly but just can't seem to make myself.

    do you ship to American Samoa?

  2. I have the complete storage set in pale pink...gosh it must be 20+ years old. Love it...and I love your pantry!
    When I clean as you have done I call it my "nesting urge".
    I have been buying heavy in the canned goods and non-perishables in anticipation of winter weather. All the heavy stuff will be at home and all I will need are bread, milk butter cheese...that stuff.
    I got a "kit" to make a Kid's Quilt from your previous post. I will get it made up and shipped in no time. Hope I will get to do more. DO they send multiple kits????

  3. I am duly impressed... by both your organizing skills as well as your time management mindset! Way to go!! (Those are pretty pantry shelves.)

  4. Okay, here's my favorite piece of Tupperware....the pickle holder! I love how you can pull the pickles up out of the vinegar so easily. I've even managed to pick up another one that my daughter has in her refrigerator. :)

  5. I live by the tupperware pantry also. Everyone that sees it comments. I only have one cupboard however. It must be in the air, I have been having cleaning rampages also.

  6. Come to my house next please! LOL.

    I love my Tupperware too.

  7. I will have to bring you to Maryland to help me get organized! Looking good! Stephanie

  8. Your pantry looks awesome. There is just something about a good stocked pantry that makes me feel safe...
    Great idea with the Tupperware--who doesn't love the big T!!! I had to snicker about the HH though, when we were first married and HH first came out, we ate it 4-5 times a week. To this day, I can't stand the smell of it. Everyone tells me how much it has improved but I'm still not tasting! Isn't that funny! Just seeing the box, I can smell it. And planned leftovers are the best!

  9. Love your pantry!!! Talk about good organization skills! You put me to shame I just threw out some spices from the 80's. I'm very bad about that.

  10. What a great pantry you have! Mine is much smaller but could use some organizing too.

  11. Looks great! I bet it feels good to have that job done. Also, looks like your party was quite a success, it has been probably been at least 10 years since I've been to a tupperware party.

  12. Bonnie: I tried to print this in your comment section on your great pantry clean out. Oh well. Google doesn't seem to like me...grrrrrrrrrr.

    I love those red organizing containers. I've had tons of it for at least 15 years. And my cabinets have stayed totally organized for that long! I love opening up the doors and seeing all that red (my kitchen is a 40's kitchen and is red and white. My redwork towels look great in there!!!

    My favorite Tupperware is my mother's (35 year old) blue and white freezer-ware stuff that 'm still using. Guess that was cost efficient! I love it because it's square, stacks and has lasted forever.

    When I was first married, my bridal shower was a Tupperware party with 80 people and I got everything in the book. Yowser!!!! I need your fabulous pantry to store it all!!!!!

    Glad you got the blocks! My postal person didn't fold that down very securely and I got worried.


  13. The last Tupperware party I had no one came to and I was sooooo embarrassed. I buy their stuff though bz it's great. Just so you know I do have friends though, I made a haul at a Pampered Chef party I had! Those are the only two parties I've had in the last 10+ years. :)

  14. I have to admit that it has been many years since my last Tupperware party. I don't know of anyone locally that has had a party for quite a while. I too love the product though.
    You have an adorable family and look forward to following your daily posts.

  15. Dear Bonnie, I really love your blogs. They remind me of past times and all the fun of families and hamburger helper, diapers, pantries, and everything that I see on your blog is what use to be me. Thanks for joining my blog and I will follow you and you are in the pot for my drawing.


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