Saturday, October 17, 2009

TGIF and the swappin is done! ;)

Whooo hooo all of the make up blue mini's and potluck minis have started making their way to their new homes!! Smile and now that packages are arriving I can share some photos.

Here are some of my minis that I contributed to the potluck Big Grin How about that baby wipe container for holding these little 3.5 unfinished blocks? ;) It holds dozens and dozens!

and here's a peek at my minis after I swapped... A little of everything wouldn't ya say Big Grin...and one special blue FQ! Thanks so much kwilt4u!!

oops here is a better close up of my minis.. I did get several repeaters myself but that is OK. I plan to make more than 1 quilt with my mini collection Wink

What a fun year last year was - swapping a variety of colors every quarter. I now look forward to playing with mine sometime after the new year - I have several other projects going on right now... but I'd loved to see what others make with their minis or use them in... Please share photos with us on the board when you do! Wink

and for the Thank God it's Friday part of my title....

It's been an unusual week here... Nora and I got up before the sunrise Wednesday and took a little trip to the local hospital... these photos and captions below can tell the story better than me retyping it all here... click here on this link -

it will take you to the photo album of Nora's pretend earrings (seed/nut) extraction adventure! Eek

The seed/nuts have been in there since before September 1st Eek b/c looking back at the calendar that is the date I wrote down that I first took her to see the doctor for her ear infection and pain... We are happy to have them out at last! but have to go back again for another surgery to repair the hole in her ear drum sometime soon..

so needless to say I'm soooooo TGIF today! Big Grin Hope all of you have a happy weekend!

Thanks to those of you who participated in my swap! Smile

Love from Texas!


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