Friday, October 23, 2009

Olivia modeling fabric for missmikol ;)

Olivia was the first one awake today after nap time, so she is here to help me take photos of fabric that I'm going to share about :) that will soon be on it's way to a new owner.

Well guess what I've been doing today... yes laundry as you see the huge basket sitting behind Olivia - all tiny pieces for the twins and that was only the 2nd load of their stuff!

Well I've also been looking for fabric - actually it didn't take too long to find it considering I bought it nearly 3 years ago... but when I read and saw the quilt missmikol's post about during the Blogger's Quilt Festival

I was reminded that I had purchased nearly 4-5 yards of this to keep when I was working on her Round Robin Quilt. She's not quilted it yet so I offered to mail it to her to use since it will match and I've no "real" plans of it for myself so it will be good to see it be put to use on her beautiful quilt. Do visit her blog and take a look at her Round Robin Quilt - it was the first one I received in the exchange and the flying geese were my addition. ;)

Now I just need to find a box/package to put it in so that I can take it to the Mailbox & More Store the next time I go...

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  1. It will be like Christmas when it gets here. You truely are a sweetheart!


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