Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Your Order From Fig Tree Quilts has shipped!

Yesterday I told you about my first purchase from Connecting Threads - well I have something else to share with you that I ordered over the weekend... and thankfully this isn't a "Top Secret Project" so I can share details with you in each and every step along the way! :)

Remember the Crayola Quilt Challange I told you about last week? and how I showed you the quilt I was going to try and recreate? Well... I changed my mind. I am a WOMAN ya know!! ...and I'm assuming most of my readers are too so I don't need to say anymore do I?! ;)

Take a look at THE pattern I've ordered to use with my Sea Green and Chocolate Brown fabrics to create this beautiful quilt!

What made me change my mind???? Renee's post from the Pink Pincushion that I recently read over the weekend.... yes I got carried away reading her archives... I do that sometimes ;)

She used some georgous fabrics in hers - you can see an upclose photo here. And although mine will be made in just two plain colors, I think the result will be stunning - which is what I want - something that will WOW everyone who looks at it ;) It looks quite complicated at first doesn't it? but after looking at it - not so bad....

So now that the pattern is ordered, I guess I'll just have to wait a few days to find out what size to make those flying geese that are in these beautiful Snowflake blocks... then I will be able to get started! :)

Oh - and thanks to the "almost dozen voters" who offered to help me choose if I should make my flying geese Crayola Challenge Quilt in majority Sea Green or Dark Brown - looks like you all win - as this pattern shows both colors almost 50/50 ;)

and one more thing I'd like to share here with you and mostly just myself so I can find it again later if I ever need it - is this Nifty little fabric calculator. I don't have the fancy smancy EQ program although I'd love to one day have it - but right now can't justify it... I didn't know about it before I went shopping so I just guesstamated and bought 4 yards of each of the main colors. I hope it's enough ;) otherwise I'll have to go back shopping again! Since I've already talked myself out of using that stripe for the binding... I'll need more brown or green for it when the time comes....

Love from Texas!


  1. Well, I love it! I'm excited to see it all come together. When it comes time to give these away, you can send good thoughts my way for this beauty. :c)

  2. That is a GORGEOUS pattern! I love it! I think it will be stunning!

  3. Love the pattern, its going to be beautiful.

    Kathie L.

  4. I love your family blog. Yes you are a wonderufl mother as I can tell by your happy kids.

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