Monday, August 16, 2010

The 4 patches have left Texas!!

Today was Nora's 1st day of 1st grade and after David and the twins and I left he dropped me off at the PO while they went to pick up doughnuts... I was the first one at the Post Office when they opened!!! Big Grin

I had to wait about 5 minutes before anyone came to unlock and open up the doors... but I didn't mind - I was gonna be FIRST baby! ;) And while waiting I noticed something I had never seen before... See that 5 over the mail carrier guy's head... "Service in 5 minutes or less" What a JOKE! 9 times out of 10 when I come here I have to wait my turn for 15-20 minutes or MORE sometimes.

Can you believe that out of 33 packages only 4 had stamps on them! Big Grin Everyone else's package was like brand new to the clerk and all she had to do was stick it on, sticker it and go! It REALLY helped me out for those of you who mailed me a check or cash for return postage it only took me 10 *TEN* minutes to get in and OUT! Eek Whooo HOoo!

Record setting time! Wink and thankfully I remembered to bring along everyone's postage Mooo-la with me. It was enough by $4!

and I'll have everyone know I figured out a way to return your blocks to you nice and neat and wrapped a lot of them in wax paper before packaging and was able to get a lot of them into FLAT Rate cardboard envelopes for only $4.90! so in the future even if you mail 20 sets - they WILL fit Wink and you can save money. rather than using the bag Priority packages that have to be weighed and depends on zone to zone.. Wink

well Nora's 1st day is only a half day so I have to be in the carpool line at 11:30 which is only an hour away. I will wait until after lunch time and the twins are down for nap before I email out the delivery confirmation numbers to everyone who had them Wink and either then or tonight I'll send the email out about the fall swap and also start us a new thread to post on. Wink

whooooo hooooo!!!

Edited to add -
Here is a look at my 18 sets that I received in the swap along with the gifties that some sent ----all spread out on my queen sized bed. Don't they look YUMMO!? Another swap of these and I could make a whole bed sized quilt with JUST these!

I made myself 18 sets to be swapped (just couldn't quite get to 20 this time, but that was OK) and was gifted a total of another 58 blocks (in pic below)

and as you can see LOTS of variety!

as I was laying them all out on my guest bed, I thought more than once, about how awesome they'd be just all sewn together like this - just one more swap (due this fall) and I'd have enough for a queen size quilt! But then I wouldn't have any scrappy 4 patch stash to use for the Quiltville Patterns I want to make, now would I??

lots of greens, lots of blues, lots of reds, lots of oranges... everything! Wink

Big Grin weee! I la,la,love all my scrap-OH-lishiouis blocks!!! Thanks everyone for a great swap! I can't wait to do it again!

Love from Texas!


  1. The blocks look wonderful! Congrats to Nora on her 1st day of 1st grade!

  2. They sure do look nice all laid out on your bed like that!

  3. YUMMY!! I have total 4patch envy now!!! Enjoy drooling over and planning what to make with your treasures :)


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