Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ready to GO! ??

Back when I first started this blog - I was new to quilting as a REAL Hobby... as in use my machine more than once a year. ;) You may remember that I sneaked and shared photos here on my blog of the Round Robin Exchange that I participated in with a group of ladies on the HGTV board.... at that time no one there knew I had a blog. ;)

**and it was within a few weeks of the big reveal time** and I was just itching to show someone my work... today I clicked back thru the archives (2007) and found my post about the quilts I worked on HERE.

If you are a regular reader/follower then I'm sure you have heard me mention more than once that I'd *Never* participate in another Round Robin again... and I truly did mean it each time I wrote it LOL but....you knew there was going to be a but didn't you? ....but way back in 2007, I didn't know enough to know I didn't know! Some would say "you learned as you went" oh is that ever an understatement... LOL but...

I'm planning a trip to North Carolina next Spring to meet up with my fellow HGTV Friends at their 5th Annual Circle of Friends retreat.... and while they count down the months several of us are participating in a "small" Round Robin exchange while we wait to meet in person for the Big Reveal!

So I couldn't just let them all sign up to play with out me... why how un-fun would that be to be sitting there ooough-ing and aaah-ing over each RR as they presented them at the COF and wishing I had participated? :P

I think there are 40 of us... split up into 8 groups of 5 people. So we mail our center and then will have to add a round 4 times between now and Feb. 14th. ;) and each round is to be 5" finished or less... around the center block that can not be any larger than 9" finished

You can click onto my note pages to read what I wrote to send along with my block. ;) The story behind choosing it and all...and since tomorrow is the DUE DATE to mail - I'm a whole day early :P so I better get GO!-ing to the Post Office...

And speaking of "Go!" I'm sure you've heard seen and read all about their cutting system and how everyone who's in blogland is either running around entering to win - that is if they've not already bought one or won one.... and the people at GO! are giving them away left and right in blogland so bloggers have one to give away too... and on their facebook page.... talk about marketing!

Well I don't want to BRAG or anything - but about 2 weeks ago on their facebook page they had a giveaway and.... I WON!

I was the winner of their drawing for guessing what hour they'd reach their 6000th fan... and I feel that my prize was the GREATEST AND BESTEST PRIZE that they've yet to give out! It was just meant for me to have it and I'm so glad I did win it! :)

Wanna see it?

Yep - their signature yucky green colored T-SHIRT! Again, I can't think of a better prize to win from them. I'll certainly use it often and there are no expensive accessories that I have to go buy to go with it.

and want to know the best part besides it being free?? My new GO! T-shirt will NOTcut Swiss Cheese holes in any of my stash! :P So that indeed leaves me with a big smile :D

and speaking of Go... I better get GO-ing to the Post Office with my package. ;)

Love from Texas!


Here is the prof that it's in the mail - only $2.19 to mail with a delivery confirmation number - which is mandatory in our swap ;) and look how sweet Nora looks eager to do her homework as soon as we got home from school today .... her first set of "SPELLING WORDS" ;) The 3rd one on her list..... "go" ;)


  1. LOVE IT!! can't wait to see the finished product in 9 months. and I LOVE that color green!!! great shirt!!!

  2. OMGosh you are such a big teaser! LOL Love your green GO! T-shirt. ;-)


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