Monday, August 2, 2010

Whooo Hooo!

Yeaaa! I have photos again! ;)

and while looking for a "Happy Face" photo of me to show you how happy I am to have photo posting abilities again - via email... I thought I'd remind you that the quilt behind me is just one of over 30+ being raffled and drawn for on 9/11/10.

I'm sure that my followers remember all about my making this quilt shown above. I made it as a part of the 3rd annual Crayola Challenge hosted by Quiltaholic over on the HGTV quilting board. It was machine quilted by Margaret Gunn of Quilts of Love and blogged about by her HERE with close-up photos.

Recently while I was homein KY for 4th of July, I got to see the actual newspaper where my hometown newspaper, CKNJ, wrote an ARTICLE about me and the HGTV Quilt Challenge. :) COOL BEANS!

Just wanted everyone to know that there are only about 6 weeks left to buy chances = either from me or Quiltaholic who is organizing this raffle fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House.

The total sales soooo far are at $2305 ... still hoping to get over our $3,000 goal! :)

Thanks again to those of you who have already sent me checks for chances! I've mailed them into Quiltaholic and hope to have another envelope to send to her sometime this month (August) She's having a little contest to see who can sell the most... but that's not what is important.

I would love to see more sales so that she can give Ronald McDonald House
a bigger check in the end! :)

Love from Texas!


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