Friday, August 13, 2010

Gonna be mailing on Monday!

Sorry so of you have been having problems finding a way to email me. From my blogger profile page - click on my photo over on the right and from there there is a blue link that says Email.

Several have kept up with me from our current thread over on the HGTV broad and have let me know that they are already making blocks for the fall swap. Good to hear that you want to swap again – I am making note of it on my spreadsheet of the people who want to.

I’m planning to send out an official “invite” email to everyone after I get the current swap in the mail back to everyone. Also in that email will be the guideline/rules in an attachment. I've also been rethinking that 10/31 due date... depends on the size of the group I suppose. With over 30 swappers this time (plus life happening: David rolling over on my arm, him out of town, doctors appointments, potty boot camp, ant bites, did I mention David being out of town and my exhaustion from being single mom all week) it's been quite challenging on me to get everything all sorted and layed out to prepare for swapping.

My usual turn-around time for swapping is 7-10 days... and here I am on day 13! AAAk! So ***IF** there are a lot of swappers for the fall - I'm considering PUSHING up the Due Date to October 15th so that I can have them all swapped out and back to you before November rolls around.

November is a short month anyway since the kids are out of school for Thanksgiving and I know that I will be busy that 2nd week preparing for our family vacation trip home to Kentucky - so swapping or bagging envelopes is NOT something I need to be doing during that time.... however if we only have say 12-20 swappers we should be OK... just gonna have to wait and see after final sign ups...

…and speaking of mailing I plan to mail the current swap to all of you on MONDAY 8/16!!! Yeaaa! :) I got about a dozen envelopes packaged up last night before calling it quits for bedtime and will most likely finish up in just a short while when the twins go down for nap time today (they’re eating their Mac-N-Cheese lunch right now as I type) but I don’t’ know if I can make it to the PO today before they close – depending on how long they sleep.. and honestly with as much time as it takes and somewhat confusion of mailing all the packages and which to get delivery confirmation and the fact that there are over 30 to mail out… taking kids with me is something I REALLY want to AVOID!

Our PO is closed now on Saturdays… and I could take them all tomorrow out of town (which wouldn’t be a big deal much) ***IF*** David were going to be home to stay with the kids… but he leaves tonight for a trip to Austin, TX for Saturday. He and I both are not happy about it… this STINKIN ASSI Meeting he has to attend totally ruins the weekend for us and our family time. He just got back from his KY/TN trip on Wednesday this week.

But looking to the bright side of not mailing until Monday – which is also Nora’s first day of 1st grade… David is planning on going with all of us for the first day assembly and prayers and to see her new classroom and such… he’ll go into work late… so before he does – and after we get Nora all set… we’ll plan to leave the school and then have him drop me off at the PO to do my swap mailing while he and the twins either wait in the van or go run get doughnuts or Micky D’s or something… yeah I like that 2nd option better don’t you? ;)

So just hang tight – they’ll be to you soon and you will be playing with your “new to you” scrappy 4-patches by this time next week! ;) and about this time next week, I’ll be getting ready to MEET THE Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville!!! She’s the guest for our guild next Thursday and I’m taking her workshop on Saturday! Weee! ;)

Thanks to those of you who have left get well wishes for Paul Thomas (either on Facebook or our family blog) – yes there was an red ant hill up in the tree about a foot off the ground :( It's low to the ground and all the kids love to climb in when we go to the spray park.

Thankfully all the Thoughts & Prayers must be working b/c he he's been a real trooper thru it all - and so far no scratching... yet. Some of the blisters have popped already but still over 50 or more that look like they could burst by just looking at them.

Well I better run – the kids are done with their eating. All 3 plates CLEAN! So it’s time for our “happy dance” song we do :P

Happy Weekend & Love from Texas!

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  1. Can anyone join your next swap? I'd be interested in joining if you let 'outsiders' join. ;) thanks!!

    Glad that PT is doing good with his bites. Those just look nasty!!!


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