Tuesday, August 17, 2010

She's headed to Texas - THE Bonnie Hunter will be here soon!

Tonight while reviewing my facebook friends' status I saw that THE Bonnie Hunter had posted "***city***, Texas here I come!" and eeek! It got me really excited!!! :D

Yeah Baby! Of course I've known for months that August was THE month that THE Bonnie was coming... and everyday since flipping it to August I've been eyeing it on the kitchen calender all month - but... when I saw HER write it - it HIT me! :P

*giggle giggle* and I already know what I'm gonna be taking for this months show-n-tell of course... my Christmas Lights quilt designed by Bonnie :)

This month not only will I be going to the night monthly meeting but for the FIRST time for me - I'll be attending a workshop class Saturday morning! This is THE very reason I joined the guild! :P Eeek! Did I mention that I'm excited!?

A few weeks ago I got a newsletter via email from my Guild saying that the pattern for Saturday's workshop I signed up was "Hand Me Downs" which was different than the pattern that I thought I signed up for so I emailed Mona to get more info.

I was so pleased to hear that although it was indeed a misprint, that both patterns are very similar and that Mona was planning to alter her block making during the workshop so that she could make the one in Bonnie's first book Scraps and Shirttails called "Hand Me Downs" and that got me to thinking...

(Hand Me Downs on the RIGHT and My Blue Heaven on the LEFT)

Yeah, I want to do the SAME too! Like Mona! Since I already have a quilt in the making called My Blue Heaven from blocks that crazy'boutquilts and I swapped all last year. You may remember seeing/reading about some of it HERE.

In her reply Mona asked me if I had her book - Yes I do have the book – or I guess HAD it - actually I've bought 3 of them and keep GIFTING them away! LOL only she did sign my last one to me…. I called again this week my friend to see if she had found my books I loaned to her that I’m ready for them back. I think it was around Spring Break in March that I loaned it to her… anyway she can't find them and thinks she gave them back to me. ?? and maybe?? but I've looked everywhere here and can't find them either - so no biggie - I "know" Bonnie - so I facebooked her and asked her to bring a copy of each with her if there was room in the suitcase... and she posted a comment within a few minutes saying that she had already shipped ahead a couple cases and would "RESERVE" one of each and set aside for me... *giggle*giggle* :) "reserve" LOL she really knows how to play into me thinking we are best buds doesn't she? and we haven't even met yet!

Thankfully our GENEROUS Bonnie has a provided a link to preview all the patterns in her first book
Scraps and Shirttails here – So I'm able to print out a photo and use for pulling out my fabrics. :0)

And Oough-oooough I don't just want to adapt my blocks for Hand Me Downs but I ALSO want to use only shirting fabrics like her's in the book!

Look out shirts, here I come!!! I've been collecting and now it's time to put them to work! Before my twins were born I use to go to the Goodwill sales every Sunday when they tagged items for $0.50 each!!

The only think I need to shop for is one constant dark plaid to use for setting squares… and that is something I can wait to purchase after I have several blocks made from the workshop Saturday.......and now that I know what to look for – I can use a 40% off coupon at Joann’s. ;) to find something similar to her dark plaid.

Well I better wrap it up and get to diggin in my closet where I have a rubbermaid full of shirt parts... ;)

Saturday will be here before I know it!

Love from Texas!


  1. I'm so happy that you are gonna be working beside the real Bonnie Hunter ~ that is so very cool!
    Hey, our package arrived, Thank you so very much! I am sorry that I was one of those "stampers", that was how I participated in swaps before and it seemed the right way. I had sent you a little applique pattern, too, but it came back to me as a divider sheet, I figured you didn't do the applique thing, LOL. But, I do so thank you for hosting, and surely we will try again!

  2. OMG! I would love to do a Bonnie Hunter workshop. I know tomorrow won't get here quick enough. I can't wait to hear all about it.

  3. How exciting! She's coming to our guild in February, and I've been looking forward to it for nearly 2 years now! Have fun!

  4. Bonnie, it was great meeting you Thursday at guild. Wasn't Bonnie wonderful? She is just as warm and wonderful in person as I thought she'd be from reading her blog all these years! I know you are having a wonderful time in her workshop today and hope you get lots done. I took the 'crumb' class yesterday and had a wonderful time. Take care!

    Jackie K


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