Monday, August 30, 2010

Final look at the Round Robin Project & Design Wall Monday

Last week I shared with all of you the block that I was mailing off for a new Round Robin exchange... you remember the orange and purple batik star? Well on Thursday I received a little card in my mailbox saying I had a package to sign for but after picking Nora up from school I figured we were home for the day and put it in my purse for the next day.

Well on Friday I totally forgot to go get it :/ but since I had to take a "candy bars" swap package to the Post Office to be mailed on Saturday - I remembered to also pick up my package that had to be signed for! ;) I just knew it was going to be the Round Robin center being mailed to me from craftyladyage82 so I opened it up right there in the PO before leaving.

"Ta-Da!" Isn't it lovely!?!! I've never seen this type of quilt before so you can just picture me standing there in the PO holding this block about 4 inches from my nose giving it a good looking over and oooughing and aaahing over it. :P

and you know what else was neat...? her hand writing ;)

.....and this my blog readers....

is the very last you will see or read of my RR happenings until April of 2011

The rules say we can not share any photos at all of our projects. However we were all allowed to show the center blocks that we made to one another on our thread topic - and what a variety there is among all 40 of us! It will be SO fun to see the BIG REVEAL show at the retreat next year! ;)

Below are the photos of the ones in my group that I'll be working on... but again I will not be able to show you any of my work between now and April.

Saturday I returned home just after 12:00pm and got the kids fed their lunch and put down for nap time. Nora had a Birthday party to go to later that afternoon so that left for a block of time that was too short to go grocery shopping or take a nap myself... so instead I sat down and made up 7 more blocks to go with 7 I made last weekend.

So since I was downstairs and the kids were napping - I laid them all out on the kitchen table for a photo - to hope to post for JudyL's Design Wall Monday Mr. Linky thing she does. I am so loving all of these... each block unique and fun to play with what color to use where. Adding the solid pieces from my very small KONA collection was a great idea!

Two of my favorites from today. The solid yellow star points really look great against that blue stripped shirt, and the mocha solid brown looks great as the corner squares don't you think?

and while working with these Saturday I couldn't help but swing by the Good Will "Tag Sale" on Sunday... I just had to see if they had any light colored shirts on sale... and guess what followed me home... I think I'll wait until after David returns to work to sneak these new shirts into the house! LOL

and speaking of Sunday - look what I did after Mass. I balanced my purse on the handrail of the steps and then balanced my camera on top of the purse... and set the timer. ;)

Not bad..... considering we only took 1 photo and I about tripped running to my spot after having to SWOOP a run-away 3 year old boy. :P

Love from Texas!


  1. I've been part of a LOT of Round Robins through the years and LOVE to see other peoples' projects. I love the fact that you posted all of the center blocks for us to see! It's so interesting to see what people use for their center block. Oh, you'll have a great time!

    ~~Rabid Quilter~~
    aka Diane in CA

  2. Where do you get all the energy to do all that sewing? And can you send me some?

    Your projects are looking good.

  3. Love the timer photo and your scrappy stars... I laughed out loud over the bag of shirts 'following you home'!

  4. Hey Bonnie, great family photo - so hard to get everyone in the same shot. And I know all about those run-away boys! Cheers! Evelyn

  5. Thanks for sharing about the round robin. I've never been part of one, but a friend and I are putting one in the works. Can't wait to see the grand finale!


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