Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bingo update

I bet a few of you have noticed it seems like a ghost town around here - and you are right. I've been busy wrapping up the 5th Annual HGTV Fat Quarter Bingo that I hosted recently and preparing these diaper boxes ready for shipping (without the diapers of course) to their new homes.

I took 4 of them with me today to the Post Office.. and will take another 4 boxes and 4 more packages tomorrow to the PO.

My table is clearing off!!! I can't wait to get my machine set back up and sewing soon!

In case you didn't know I have another blog over at www.FatQuarterBingo.blogspot.com if you would like to see more photos of what was inside these boxes ;) And in case you are wondering how you can play... or when the next game is... well we only hold it once a year - game day each year April 1st - no foolin! Each year in mid January I begin emailing past players with the details and by mid February I open it up to new players and invite them on the HGTV quilter's message board. If you'd like to be notified click over to the blog and leave a comment letting me know ;)

Here's a look at my newest fabrics. The above was gifted to me today from Miss Ginger at the library - they had used it as a background for a bulletin board a while back and no longer needed it. I am sure that I can work it into my scraps ;) What a nice surprise!

and take a look at a few shirts I picked up at the Goodwill recently. ;) I got them cut up and added to the big plastic storage bin - and saved some cuffs and collars for Bonnie. She is coming to my parts of Texas in August and I plan to take her a box of parts. ;)

I'll close with a photo of my girls. :) They wanted me to tell all of you again - THANK YOU to those of you who contributed to their quilts (from the HGTV friends) They love sharing a room and having beds that are the same :)

Love from Texas!


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