Friday, May 28, 2010

Schools out and I'm getting some homework completed

Did you see the post before this one of Nora graduating Kindergarten?

Today was her first day of summer! It sure was great to not have to get up early. ;) I got to sleep in until 8:00

Look what was in my mailbox today... and I got to do some of my homework ;)

Now why did I pile up these cuttings on top of my scissors as I went along? I know later I'm gonna be looking for them... silly me.

oh and look what I did... I broke my bobbin door. It was my fault - I had laid one of my presser feet I wasn't using in the tray down below and when I ran out of bobbin thread I didn't move it out of the way before opening it.. and SNAP. :/

Thankfully it still sews with the door down... or in my case off. *sigh*

Love from Texas!


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