Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's a top

This is the 2nd kit I've received from Downey & www.QuiltsforKids.org and of all the many many quilts I've seen around blog land - this one is hands down the UGLIEST fabric combination I've seen! YUCK.

Just for the Record, I want everyone to know I did not pick the fabrics... I just put together the kit they sent to me.

Piecing was completed Monday 5/10/10 and Quilting still needs to be completed. I gotta find some scraps of batting and zigzag them together to make large enough for this...

Nora was my official pinner helper - video of her in a previous post here on my quilting blog ;)

The focal fabric (blue background) has suns and moons, barns, sheep, birds and a goose wearing a scarf and top hat. Also there is a candle stick and stars...

This kit came with their new quilt label where we get to write our first name and quilt name on it - and then enter it into their online data base so we can track and see which child receives our quilt. EDITED TO ADD - the link to Downy Touch of Comfort Home where at the bottom right you will see where quilt receivers can enter in that they got a quilt.

I will let Nora put her name on the tag... and also let her name it - she's having a hard time thinking of anything. I suggested "Silly Goose" since that is what I call her a lot... or "Silly Goose doesn't know when to sleep" b/c of the suns and moons...

and her reply was. NOPE it has to be what I think of mom. :/ *sigh* So to my readers, thanks but no thanks for naming ideas... :P

Love from Texas!


  1. LOL! I needed a laugh today!

  2. It's not THAT ugly really. Some kid is gonna love it!! Just remember that! :0)

  3. How special for Nora, so cute. That is an interesting color combo they sent with that background, isn't it. I didn't realize you could track your quilt to see who ends up with it, that's neat.

  4. I have to say....I don't like the fabric combo they sent. I would have been tempted to change out one of the block colors.

    Can you explain how to track the quilt?


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