Friday, May 21, 2010

Guild Night With Winnie Fleming

Well yesterday I held my breath nearly all day hoping that nothing would *happen* for David at the plant to keep him from getting home on time...


it was the 3rd Thursday = GUILD night! whoo hooo! ;)

my 2nd time to go - in case you're a new reader.

I asked my friends on facebook if they thought I should take a show-n-tell or not... and what a silly question right? Of course I should take something - they said. So I choose to take the first mini quilt I made last fall and swapped with crazy'boutquilts.

And also I took to show-n-tell another mini that is still in progress... that is for a very *special* cause. A local friend is heading up this charity project at her local church. Ladies are making dresses, memory boxes, Bereavement dresses, angel wraps, and various things to send to and donate to the EmmazingGraceFoundation.org

The first time I visited for the sew-in back in March, my friend Jill asked me if I'd make a quilt... or quilts.. depending on how much time I could spare. I put together two of the same and have fabric left over to make at least another or two of the same... The one in the hoop is being hand quilted but b/c it's taking me so long to complete it I know that the other tops I have ready will be machine quilted or maybe simply tied.

Do you notice anything in my closeup below?.......

I'm wearing MAKE-UP people!!! Real make-up! Even eye liner! :P AAAahh

I think I'm fallin in ♥ with 3rd Thursdays!

...and another little funny I shared on with my facebook friends while getting ready was...

you can click the above facebook clip to make large enough to read. :)

So back to my Guild night - I did make it on time... just barely ;) This time I had my camera ready for photos of "Show & Share." I don't recall hearing her name, but she's the same person who shared the art piece last month. She is very creative and I really like her work.

Like me, she is very active with an online quilting group and this piece that she shared and talked about was for a "Something Old is made a new" theme project. She bought a cheap quilt and cut it up and used it to recreate something like this... ;) With her permission I took a close up of it and in the bottom right corner you can see where she was stitching the word "New." I really wish I had thought last month to take a photo of her other piece as she had stitched an image of her own two hands sewing... very, very AwEsOmE!

Besides the above guild member, I was the only other person who brought anything for show-n-tell..... I got several compliments on my fall mini and was asked to pass it around after I mentioned it was the first time I had ever ordered from Connecting Threads (where all of their fabrics are less than $6/yard) So I was more than happy to let those who wanted to "feel" it and check out the fabrics as they had never bought from CT before... I hope no one looked TOO close at my stitches - b/c I know next to nothing about making evenly spaced out stitches or keeping them straight...

So have you ever heard of Winnie Fleming??? If you are located in Texas, maybe you have had the pleasure of meeting her or seeing her trunk show. It is awesome let me tell ya!

Here she is in front of a table of her quilts that she shared...

and I wish I could share with you photos of each of them... like I did for you last time... but did you notice how neatly folded and stacked those quilts were... and I forgot to mention there were more not shown on a 2nd table behind her...

Well I was asked to be a "quilt-holder-upper" helper.... is that what you call em? and those neat stacks... I did that. ;)

I did do a little searching on Google and found a few photos to link to that are of quilts made by Winnie. :) This one was super awesome!! and SUPER HEAVY!! Never Enough Feathers It was featured at the Quilt Festival in Houston last fall - there was a special section for award winning quilts from any guilds in Texas.

and here is another quilt by Winnie that I found while Googeling. By a blogger who attended a show and she took photos of Winnie's Lone Stars - it's the last quilt shown at the bottom of her page.

I searched and searched - to find her take of the pattern Sue Garman's pattern called "Omigosh!" (3rd photo down here) Winnie calls her's "Oh My Stars!" and it used the same mini 9-patches and star blocks instead of churn dash blocks. it was AWESOME!

She had some copies of her book there with her and I bought one and had her sign it ;) Thanks Winnie!

After the meeting I had a couple stops to make before heading back home... can you guess where I stopped first...? I'll give you a hint.. they sell food! and since I didn't eat before leaving my house at 6:00 and it was now after 9:00 - I was H-U-N-G-R-Y-!

Yep - Chick-fil-A! I think I've started a 3rd Thursday Tradition! ;)

I did stop by here too before headin home... but they didn't have what I was lookin for. :/ oh well, I probably didn't need it anyway..

Love from Texas!


  1. Enjoy yourself, Bonnie! I remember how I cherished Guild night when my children were little. You have brought some wonderful memories to the front of my mind, thank you!

    PS-- I'm glad you took show and tell!

  2. Sounds like a great 3rd Thursday! Good for you for sharing, and for helping hold up the quilts. That way you get to see them up close and fondle them! Timeout sounds like a great idea - I may try that myself!

  3. I'm having fun with my new guild too!
    Jeanne :)


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