Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thank you to whom ever you are!

Hostess Gift, Crocheted Wash Cloth - these are the best!

I was searching for something in the sewing room recently and look what I found! This was the very first crocheted wash cloth I was ever gifted - as a bingo hostess years ago - and then I considered it "TOO PRETTY TO USE" and set it aside...

Later I received a solid white one which equaled ever even more TOO pretty to use... and Nora adopted it to use for her smaller dollies ;) and still enjoys it...

My 3rd crocheted wash cloth I received, also as a hostess gift, was made with blue variegated yarn, and I finally broke down and use it and....


I ♥la♥,la♥,LOVE♥ my blue one I've been using the past year... and can't wait to start using this one too ;) I really wish I knew who to thank for them - I don't even know if all 3 of them are from the same person or not... grrr-that hard drive crash last year to make me loose my record keeping..

But if they are reading - 1 or 2 or 3 of you... THANK YOU! I love my 2 Crocheted Wash Cloths! I only wish I had 5 more! One for each day of the week! ;)

Of course the white one is still in the doll bed... Nora is not giving her's up... ;) and if I'm ever gifted with any pink ones I'm sure she will claim those too. LOL

Love from Texas!


  1. Those are great, and does anyone out there know where to get instructions on making them? I have marginal croceting skills, but I bet I could pick up how to do them! And Bonnie-I'm glad you let Nora keep her's! You'd have had a fight on your hands! LOL!!

  2. http://stephig.wordpress.com/patterns/

  3. I haven't been on the computer much the past few weeks, so I'm playing a little catch up. I love these wash cloths as well. I think I sent you the white one with a couple other items as a thank you for forwarding a gift to my Secret Sister a couple years ago. At about that same time frame, I made a handfull of these in verigated Christmas colors to give to neighbors and then decided to do something else...so I have a few still sitting in a box in the garage.


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