Monday, May 10, 2010

It's Monday, what's on the design wall/floor?

I'm not sure how it happened, but it had a lot to do with my 2nd Quilt for Kids kit package arriving over the weekend... along with Nora school had early release today - which meant that after lunch when the twins went down for nap time, she was already home = I did not have to wake them up to go pick her up which = for more free time for us! ;) yeaaa.

Nevertheless, I had other stuff to be doing - such as sorting thru all those BINGO FQs and yard cuts on the table (however I'm still waiting to hear back from 2 outside border winners on color preferences.)

... but Nora wanted to see inside the package, which then led to her wanting to see the fabrics unfolded... and then she started reading the directions to me! and she was begging to help me...

Which she did so well... and before you know it - we had all the 2-sies sewn into 4-sies... and then each of the rows were sewn together.. just waiting to be joined when about the time I heard Paul Thomas wake up on the monitor...

Tonight after everyone was to bed, I was struck down by the ugliness of this fabric combo that they sent to me this time, and said to myself - wow, I better get this thing's borders on so I can sandwich soon and quilt b/c if not - if it ever gets put aside - it will NEVER get completed b/c it's SOOOO UGLY! what were they thinking?

only one more border to go - which is of the same blue print fabric as the large 6" blocks. There was a new style tag - where I can place my first name and then name of this quilt... I'm sure I'll let Nora print her name on the tag b/c she is my helper... but as to what to name it...? I'm tempted with "Ugly Goose" but that wouldn't be nice to the kid that gets it... I do call Nora "Silly Goose" often so maybe that will become this one's name...?

Tomorrow Nora will be back at school ... and I can get back to my BINGO Fabric sorting while the twins watch Dora and then nap... today we got to make a few memories... she was in charge of removing all the pins... or as she likes to call them "nails" ;)

For more Design Wall Monday updates check out JudyL's "Mr. Linky" over at her page. ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. Hi b-bonnie! You're post reminded me of when my kids were growing up-I'd sew while they did homework at the table. Now 2 of 3 have moved out on their own and I've taken over a bedroom and basement-forgot the good ole days. your kids are adorable and your quilt for kids is real nice too! :)

  2. Nora will "love" seeing this video when she is older.


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