Friday, June 4, 2010

Look, I made Headlines - Woman Compets in Quilt Challenge

Funny title isn't it... ? at least when I read it today I laughed. I can picture it in my mind as a race to see who can sew the most 4 patches in a 5 minute timed challenge or something. Me sitting with my sewing machine at a table of other ladies waiting on the "get ready, get set, GO!" LOL :P and then me flooring my pedal to the metal - or as my daddy would say... "Hammer Down!"

But actually after you get past my quirky analysis of the title - my Kentucky Hometown newspaper - the Central KY News Journal did an awesome write up of me and my participation in the HGTV Crayola Quilt Challenge!! I'm really happy with it. It really turned out great considering all the choppy bits and pieces I gave them via email back and forth when they requested my "background & education" information.

You may remember reading my post about my photo shoot HERE.

It was a few months ago, February I think it was... that I contacted local papers here in my area of Texas - and while at it thought - hey, why not see if the CKNJ would be interested - after all that's where I grew up and have family...? and you know what - of the 4 papers I emailed, left voice mails, and even follow up calls leading to 2nd voice mails..... the CKNJ was the ONLY ONE that replied! That's right no one in Texas was interested.

Only the one in KY ...Better than nothing right? ;) They asked me when I'd like them to publish my quilt story... then or later on in the year... (the drawing isn't until September 11th)... and I suggested perhaps June b/c we would be visiting KY for the 4th of July... sneaky me .... hoping that as I ran into old friends and family on Main Street - it'd be fresh still in their minds of seeing me in the paper... and they'd offer to write me a check for chances.. :) Hey what's wrong with a little Wishful thinkin right? ;) I'm hoping it works to help sell some more raffle chances!

Although when I did find out that CKNJ would feature me in their paper, I told my HGTV friends and local TX friends... I choose NOT to share the news that I would be making headlines with anyone back home... not even my Dad & Clara!

After all, I'm pretty sure I won't get to be making any big "we're expecting a baby" announcements ever again... so this seemed to me - the only surprise left to spring on them! You know... just one day opening up the paper to see me there! ;)

Only thing was that when they called today to tell me I made today's paper... after I told them how I held out on telling them b/c I wanted to surprise them... Clara confessed that my Daddy didn't even notice me when he had the first turn of taking a look at today's paper! hahaha

Typical! It was just a little over 6 years ago we called him on his Birthday to sing to him...
Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday - Dear GRANDY - YOU'RE GONNA BE A GRANDPA (Nora)
Happy Birthday to you!!

and even though we shouted it - he didn't hear what it was that we announced..... and went about conversation after our singing like no big deal. :P

and then it was almost 4 years ago that we were there "in person" at Thanksgiving and told them that we were expecting... and he didn't hear the "Twins" part until about 10 minutes later into the conversation. haha :P

so today hearing that he missed seeing me in the paper with my last big suprise announcement for him... was like ole times again! ;) Clara said he read her parts of the paper out loud to her like he always does... then when he was done with it passed it to her... and she asked - didn't you see this photo of BONNIE??? ....what? haha I ♥ you Daddy! ;)

Guess now you're gonna have to up your $10 worth of chances, since everyone in Taylor County will be takin a chance to win!!! *hint*hint* Start savin... we'll be home in only 4 weeks... and at $10/week + another .... $60 that will make it an easy, even $100 don't cha think? ;) That's another 60 chances for you and Clara....

hahaha there I go again with that "Wishful thinkin" :P

(you can click on the above photo to make larger)

Love from Texas!


  1. Congratulations you celebrity, you! Love the photo that they chose to run... the quilt is great and you look adorable too!! I love the surprise element to the article, that made me laugh to think that your Dad missed it! (That would be mine, too!)

  2. Pretty label (and nice to be featured - you that is!!)


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