Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting all my ducks in a row

Took me what seemed like foreveah to get all my larger HSTs trimmed and squared up. I didn't' use Triangulations with those b/c I had a super stash of nickels of blues and COC and WOWs to use up... now I know and remember WHY I LOVE Triangulations SOoooo much! When you're done cutting you're done! know what I mean Vern? :P

Now that I'm at this stage, it shouldn't take me much longer... each of the blocks laid out on the left of my machine are double... exact same below them (one for me and one for crazy) I find it works so much faster like this to match up pairs to sew for at least 6-8 blocks at a time = always leaving behind the matching blocks below so I can know where they go after I press... kinda like a puzzle ;)

and see that bright HOT PINK long rectangular box - got it at a garage sale a while back and it's holding my 3.5" x 6.5" CANDY BARS that I'm cutting here and there... as I've signed up for vickiquilts' swap ;)

Well, now that I have all my little "ducks in a row" right there in front of the sewing machine waiting to be chain pieced - I better get back to what I was doing.... ;) Oh and my machine is in the BRIGHT SPOT light provided by an adjustable floor lamp b/c the light above my needle has been shot since before Easter and I've still not bought a replacement.... *sigh*

Love from Texas!

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