Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Postcard for Nora! Arrived last weekend

I think David sometimes misses those long ago days when he would be the first one home from work each day and was the mail checker... so on the weekends he gets excited to be the one to get to check it. ;) Even on the occasions we go out for breakfast at IHOP he'll even drive up to the mailbox when we get home ... knowing that the mail lady hasn't ran yet... but just in case :P

(These were taken last Saturday - See post above on why I didn't post them last weekend)

Nora also got a little something too! One of my swappers Eleanor S not only mailed in her swap blocks but remembered that Nora collects postcards! ;)

What a beautiful area! and such BLUE waters! ;)

Thank you Miss Eleanor!

Love from Texas!


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