Saturday, June 19, 2010

tryingtoquilthere's blocks have arrived!

If anyone out there who hasn't mailed yet is wondering if or not they can get the MAXIMUM number of sets... 20 sets of 10 into the small Priority Mail Flat Rate box.... here's your answer. Yes you can! ;) I took a few extra shots of tryingtowuilthere's package to show you how she did it.

It's a snug fit but if you place your sets in two groups - left side of the ziplock and right side... and zip 75% closed, then smush out ALL of the air and finish zipping the ziplock then you can fold the bag in half perfectly and it will fit into the box! $4.90 2-3day delivery. ;)

***although there is still lots of time left in the swap that you can mail first class in a manila envelope much cheaper, but I know as we get closer some will be pushed for time....

and since she can't put in a return box for me - I keep those stocked here at home, she added in five $1 bills and a return label that was all filled out for me. Easy peasy! ;)

Inside her ziplock were two of these rolled up groups. She used wax paper to lay her sets out on and then fold/roll over and 2 more sets... and repeat... then taped them shut. She had emailed me saying she had all 20 of her sets completed and should she "deal them out" into groups with 10 different in each.... not required in the guidelines but can sometimes be helpful ;) to the hostess... In the first package I opened, I found 10 sets identical to this one below.

GREAT JOB tryingtoquilthere that is exactly what I would have done myself! :)
and on and on... ;)

I 'preciate your help & welcome to the "supper swapper" club status! LOL

Love from Texas!


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