Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy EARLY Birthday Surprises in the Mail Box Today!

Would you believe it.... I had all kids in bed tonight before dark! Actually before 7:40!!! Yep, that's right, when I walked out to the road to check the mail and drag out the trash can for tomorrow's pick up ALL THREE OF MY KIDS WERE UPSTAIRS IN THEIR BEDS!! ;)

Behind that box rubber-banded to the mailbox were two more packages. The box on the outside I sorta kinda already know what it is but have crossed my heart and hope to die or volunteer to stick a needle in my eye if caught peeking in it - it's David's Birthday gift to me that he recently "pre-ordered" while on sale...before it's release date... *hint*hint* get my drift? ;) However I have to wait until July 26th to open!

But those other two... I was thinking they might be swap packages or the scrappy 4-patch I'm hosting since the first package arrived over the weekend... but nope looking at the return address I noticed they are both from my friend who I call OJ'sMommy from the HGTV board... and she's not in my swap... one to me - and one to Nora... Hummm...

Well come to find out - she read when I posted about crocheted washcloths just a few weeks and how I'd love to have some more...

Aren't these AWESOME!!! WOW, I made a wish and she made it come true ;) And check out her fancy ziplock ;) aka Birthday wrapping for little ole me! :) Love the surprise OJ!!!

Not one, but THREE for me!!! *TY*TY*TY*

and I went ahead and pre-opened Nora's package... carefully... I did not open the card I'll save that for her tomorrow morning at breakfast :)

But take a look!!! IT's PINK!!! She is gonna la,la,LOVE it!!! She's my "little chef" when we cook together - so now she'll have her own wash cloth to use for clean up - and actually every night it's her chore to wipe down the table before we all go upstairs for bath time ;) I'll try and remember to get a photo sometime of her with it using it ;)

Thanks again Christine! YOU are AwEsOmE and once again, you are spoiling me and Nora so close to our Birthday's!!! I still get lots of compliments on the bag you made me last year :)

In other news... Last week all three kids took swimming lessons - I think I forgot to blog about that over on the family blog oops.. Note to self... but today was the first day for Nora to attend Creativity Camp at the local college's summer program. She was very excited to get ready this morning and last night I was worried about waking her up and getting her up and out the door on time - it starts at 8:00am!!! and need I remind you we've been out of school for a week now...

Also when I signed her up over a month ago, I simply figured David would be taking her on his way to work... it's on his way... but WRONG... it's also the same week he's having a big audit at work and has to be there by 6am every day this week... oh well. *sigh* it really doesn't matter if the twins are still wearing their PJs in the van when we go right.... uham, as long as I'm not still wearing mine! :P

Hey Nora - How was your first day of Creativity Camp??? "THUMBS UP MOM! ;) I loved it! Were gonna reuse cans and gar-vage to build a robot one day!" ....and Hey look Dixieldy she wanted to wear ALL yellow today - b/c she wanted everyone to see her favorite WORD GIRL shirt that you gave her last year :) for her birthday!! TY again ;)

My HGTV Quilter friends are the best!!! ;)

Have a great week everyone!

Love from Texas!


  1. Girlfriend don't even think you know what is in that package....even if it has a return address that looks like mine....it is just a trick....nothing but toilet paper and sticks....mud and other such things from my co-workers wishing you a happy birthday....the sort of things a 6 and 7 year old boy would send. Just warning you....I don't want you to be sad or anything!!!

    Smiles....maybe....maybe not....


  2. How funny, we have the same birthday..

  3. Bonnie I'm so happy you liked them!!! When I read your blog I thought I've been wanting to try some wash clothes - what a better excuse!! And I could not forget a pink one for Nora!


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